Metasploit - Task Chains

Task Chains is a feature found in the Metasploit Pro version which helps us to schedule tasks and execute them. It is generally used for processes that run periodically, for example, network scanning.

To configure a task, let’s go to Tasks → Chains → New Task Chain.

Task Chains

Provide a name for the Task Chain.

Task Chain Name

Next, click the ‘+’ sign, as shown in the following screenshot.

Click Plus Sign

Select from the list the task that you want to select. Let us select SCAN.

Select SCAN

Next, the configuration task setting will appear as shown below.

Configuration Task Setting

Let’s add a task to the Task Chain which is the function that the server has to do after finishing the first task. To schedule the task, click the "Schedule Now" icon.

Schedule Task

The following table will be displayed where you can select how often you want to run a task.

Run Task

At the end, click the Save button to schedule the task chain.

Click Save Button