Metasploit - Pro Console

Pro Console is a commercial console version of Metasploit. It is available for Linux, Microsoft OS, and OSX. Metasploit Pro can help penetration testers to −

  • Leverage the Metasploit open source project and its leading exploit library

  • Manage data in large assessments

  • Control compromised machines and take over the network

  • Automatically generate reports containing key findings

  • Improve security by prioritizing exploitable vulnerabilities

  • Prove effectiveness of remediation or compensating controls to auditors

  • Get comprehensive visibility of user risks by integrating with Rapid7 UserInsight

  • Test the effectiveness of security controls

  • Simulate phishing campaigns for thousands of users

Metasploit Pro offers a command prompt and a WEB UI.

To use Metasploit Pro, you need to purchase it from Rapid7 and install it on your system. In Windows environment, to launch Metasploit Pro, go to: Start → All Programs → Metasploit → Metasploit console.

Metasploit Pro

If you are working in Linux environment, the open the command line terminal and type sudo msfpro.

sudo msfpro