Finding Outliers in a Data Set Worksheets

Welcome to the Mean, Median, and Mode tutorial section at On this page, you will find worksheets on finding the mode and range of a data set numerically and from a line plot, mean of a data set, understanding the mean graphically with Two bars and Four bars or more, finding the mean of a symmetric distribution, computations involving the mean, sample size, and sum of a data set, finding the value for a new score that will yield a given mean, mean and median of a data set, how changing a value affects the mean and median, finding outliers in a data set, choosing the best measure to describe data, and so on.

To practice Math skills, there is nothing more effective than solving worksheets. Our free to download, printable worksheets help you practice Math concepts, and improve your analytical and problem-solving skills. We have 3 worksheets for each topic in the tutorial.

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