Mailchimp Alternatives

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a marketing platform which you can use to communicate with your customers, clients, and other parties. The platform will help you in the development of healthy marketing practices. The platform also provides the features of data analysis and design campaigns. Mailchimp is a web-based application which will work properly if you will enable cookies, javascript, and popups. You need to create an account to use the platform.

Cost of Mailchimp

There are four plans and you can choose any one of them to start your marketing. These plans are shown in the table below −




Rs. 0


Free for 1 month and then the cost is Rs. 770 per month


Free for 1 month and the cost is Rs. 1,150


23,000 per month

Why there is a need for Mailchimp Alternatives?

The main reason that marketers are looking for Mailchimp alternatives is the price. Mailchimp has increased its price by 16 percent in December 2022 and the free plan is shrunk up to 500 contacts. In the free plan, people can send 2,500 emails per month. Another reason for leaving Mailchimp is that it provides only monthly plans while there are some alternatives that provide yearly plans also.

How to choose a Mailchimp Alternative?

There are many features which have made Mailchimp very popular. Pricing and other factors forced its users to look for alternatives. If you are looking for a Mailchimp alternative, you need to look for the features given below −

  • Email designer

  • Reports

  • Social sharing

  • RSS-to-Email

  • Integrations

Mailchimp has many other features which helped email marketers to achieve their goals

Top 10 Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp has a large number of alternatives and you can choose the one which is suitable for your needs and budget. We will discuss some of the top alternatives in detail.

Alternative 1 – Omnisend

Omnisend provides a lot of e-commerce marketing features at less price in comparison to Mailchimp. Omnisend has a better free version in comparison to Mailchimp. Omnisend also has a Mailchimp migration tool which will help you to sync your data on Mailchimp and transfer it to Omnisend.


  • Integration with e-commerce platforms

  • Email editor can be used easily

  • Email templates have a professional look

  • SMS marketing and push notifications

  • Facebook retargeting and Google adsn


  • Affordable plans

  • Focus on e-commerce

  • Professional email templatesn


  • Only the enterprise plan has unlimited emails and usersn

Alternative 2 – Moosend

Moosend is a very cheap alternative to Mailchimp. Moosend is a better option for people who are starting their digital marketing careers. The alternative provides unlimited emails in the Pro plan. Analytics of Moosend is also very powerful. Pricing for 1,000 subscribers is $16.


  • Campaign editor is professional

  • Availability of popups and subscription plans

  • Analytics and real-time reporting

  • Ecommerce AI tooln


  • Pro plan has unlimited emails

  • Overall campaign automation is better than Malchimnp

  • Analytics is powerful


  • Understanding its features is difficult

  • Networking is not strongn

Alternative 3 – Sendinblue

Sendinblue comes with the features of integration with ads and analytics. Both these features are very helpful for experienced marketers. If you want to use this alternative, you need to have some experience in email marketing.


  • Email editor is mobile-friendly

  • Workflow editor is available for automation

  • Signup forms are customizablen


  • Free plan has the feature of unlimited contacts

  • Free plan has an advanced segmentation feature

  • Facebook integration is available to contact with more usersn


  • Contact management is difficultn

Alternative 4 – Mailerlite

Mailerlite comes with a generous free plan. Along with this, the alternative also has a very simple and easy-to-use landing page editor. If you have a free plan then also you will get user support 24/7.

Mailerlite also provides 30 percent discounts on all its plans.


  • Email editor has drag and drop feature

  • Email templates have a professional look

  • A/B campaign testing feature availablen


  • Email marketing dashboard is simple and easy to sue

  • Email support is advanced even in the free version

  • Unlimited emails can be send in all the premium plansn


  • Customer support is limitedn

Alternative 5 – Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a better tool than Maichomp when it comes to analytics. The tool has advanced features because it includes machine learning and data science capabilities. If you are planning to target a large audience to sell your products and services. Klavoyo is the best tool for you.


  • One-click Shopify integration

  • Social media and in-app integration

  • SMS marketing featuresn


  • Get customer data through API Integrations

  • Pricing is based on the number of subscribers

  • More e-commerce features in comparison to Mailchimp


  • Flow filters are complicated

  • Its premium plans are priceyn

Alternative 6 – Aweber

Aweber has been designed for those people who do not have design experience but want emails having a great look. The email auditor of Aweber consists of Canva which can be used for graphic designing. You can also use in built free stock images to make your emails look better.


  • Email editor has drag and drop feature

  • The tool also has a landing page editor

  • Email campaigns can be automated easilyn


  • Better email designs due to the presence of Canva

  • Aweber has 700 email template

  • Aweber has a better set of e-commerce features


  • Multiple segments cannot be included at once

  • A price has to be paid for hosting unsubscribed contacts

  • Availability of customer service in English onlyn

Alternative 7 – Hubspot

Hubspot is a better alternative to Mailchimp if you are looking for a customer support solution. You will get many tools like free live chat, CRM, and email marketing, etc. All these tools can be used by support and sales teams.


  • Landing page editor is available

  • CRM, chatbots, and chat integration

  • Availability of A/B testingn


  • Email automation more advanced in comparison to Mailchimp

  • Customer management is easy

  • Availability of live chat and chatbots for extra customer supportn


  • Hubspot is expensive

Alternative 8 – ConvertKit

If you are a blogger or a content writer, ConverKit is for you and is a better alternative to Mailchimp. The platform will provide you with better tools and features to manage your content and grow your website. The price may be the same or more than Mailchimp but you can grow your website in a better way through this tool.


  • A/B testing feature available

  • Email can be customized automatically

  • User-friendly email campaign statisticsn


  • Excellent features for content creators

  • Segmentation is easy on the basis of customer journeysn


  • A/B testing is limited

  • Email templates are few in number

  • Limited reporting and trackingn

Alternative 9 – GetResponse

The GetRespons tool comes with a great number of e-commerce features in comparison to Mailchimp. The tool consists of pre-made campaign funnels which have been designed to generate more leads to make purchases. Live chat feature is also available with the alternative to provide better customer support.


  • Email sequences are automated

  • Email creator has drag and drop feature

  • Stock photos and GIFs are available for freen


  • Campaign templates are unique

  • More customer support features like webinars, live chat, etc.

  • Deliverability rate is 99 percent for 106 countriesn


  • Two-factor authentication is not available

  • No phone support

  • Upper plans have a lower number of contactsn

Alternative 10 – ActiveCampaign

The ActiveCamopaign tool provides a diverse range of features in comparison to MailChimp. ActiveCampaign has intuitive list management and segmentation because of which it can be used easily. You will also get advanced campaign workflows at a cheap price. The tool does not have a free plan.


  • Event and site tracking

  • Popups and signup forms

  • More than 600 templates available for campaign automation


  • Pricing is flexible in comparison to MailChimp

  • Large number of email templates

  • More advanced automation


  • No free plan


Mailchimp comes with a lot of features which email marketers can use to promote their websites. It has recently increased its price and has a limited free plan. So people are looking for different alternatives. Some alternatives have more features while others are cheaper than Mailchimp.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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