Is the life of human beings too boring?

Boredom is a common state of mind we all at some point of time come across. There could be several reasons for the existence of this psychological phenomenon in your life or may not be necessarily a particular reason behind it. However, if this persists for a longer period then things may turn a terrible turn.

What Can Be Done?

First, try and continue your journey. You will find that elusive meaning. Never ever give Up. Cowards may give up; wise men do not! Make effort to think for yourself and for good. After all, it's not that we are going to carry anything material with us after death. The pharaohs had tried doing that; they failed!

  • Dance, sing, enjoy. We live only once.
  • Make your life worth living by engaging in something worthwhile.
  • If you believe in reincarnation, then surely there is life beyond this too.
  • Death is the ultimate. Death is so final whereas life, it is full of possibilities.
  • Help others who are in need of money or giving them valuable time.
  • If you want to bring a change to your life, go for it. It will keep your interest in life alive.