IDM Alternatives

What is IDM?

Internet Download Manager or IDM is an app which can speed up the downloading of your files. If the downloads are broken or paused, IDM will resume them to download the files. Downloads may be interrupted due to many reasons like server down, slow speed of internet, computer shutdown, and many more.

Cost of IDM

Cost of registration in IDM can be found in the table below −

Cost in Indian rupees

Number of years

Number of systems









2 and more PCs



2 and more PCs

Why IDM alternatives?

IDM is a very useful tool to increase the speed of downloads. But it has some drawbacks also which are discussed below −

  • IDM has bugs in integration with Google Chrome

  • IDM is not available for free

  • It is not suitable for all the users

  • The working depends upon the settings of a browser

  • It is compatible with only Windows operating system

How to choose an IDM Alternative?

Internet Download Manager has many features and is a popular platform to increase the speeds of downloads. If you want to have alternatives to IOIDM, they should have the following features −

  • Plugins should be automatically installed

  • Downloads are divided into multiple streams to increase the speed

  • Download videos from YouTube while watching them

  • Download address can be updated manually or automatically

  • Compatibility with different browsers

Top 10 IDM Alternatives

Let us see some of the alternatives to IDM

Alternative 1 – JDownloader2

JDownloader2 is a free download manager which comes with many features. Some of its parts are open source. You can resume the paused or broken downloads. Bandwidth limitations can also be set to increase or decrease the speed of download. Multilingual support is also available on this platform.

JDownloader2 is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.


  • Free of cost

  • Multilingual support

  • Can resume paused downloads

  • Compatible with different platforms

Alternative 2 – Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager comes with the feature of inbuilt torrent client support system. Torrent files along with other kinds of files can be easily downloaded through this platform. The app can be used on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and many more.


  • FDM has download acceleration system

  • FDM resumes broken or paused downloads

  • Downloads can be shared for a later time

  • Supports different languages

Alternative 3 – Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is an efficient download manager which can split a file to be downloaded in fragments. The platform is compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Video conversion feature is also available with DAP. Users can watch the videos while they are being downloaded.


  • Watch videos while downloading them

  • Compatibility with different platforms

  • Convert videos to different formats

  • DAP currently has more than 250 million users

Alternative 4 – Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator is very similar to IDM but it is available for free of cost. The app has many features like scheduled downloading, language support, MP3 downloading, and increasing speed up to 5 times the normal speed. If you want more features like getting additional tools or removing ads, you have to purchase the premium version whose cost is $9,95 for a single user.


  • It is available for free

  • The tool supports multiple languages

  • Increases download speed by 5 times

Alternative 5 – Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a free alternative to the Internet Download Manager. Users are allowed to save videos through different protocols like FTP, HTTP, MMS, and RTSP. The app provides a peer-to-peer method so that most of the available bandwidth can be used.


  • Free to use

  • Can download videos through different protocols

  • Compatible only with Windows operating system

Alternative 6 – EagleGet

EagleGet is a lightweight alternative to the Internet Download Manager. The user interface of the app is simple and easy to use. The app has many features like scheduled downloads, download acceleration, and many more. One of the best features of EagleGet is that it checks for malware before downloading any file. It also has the feature of importing the download list from other download managers. Expired, paused, and broken downloads can be easily resumed


  • User interface is easy to use

  • Checks for malware before download

  • Imports download list from other download managers

Alternative 7 – FlashGet

FlashGet is a download manager that downloads files at a very fast speed. The speed of download can be increased up to 10 times. You can create unlimited download categories. Antivirus program can be called automatically after downloading is completed. An integrated offline reader is also available with the app.


  • Speed of the download increases up to 10 times

  • Much faster than IDM

  • Unlimited download categories can be created

  • The tool has an integrated offline reader

Alternative 8 – Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager has been developed for Mac systems but it can also be downloaded on Windows systems. The app has different types of settings and features. Paused downloads can be resumed easily. The amazing feature is that speed of download can be increased up to 20 times.


  • Preview files before download

  • Use drag and drop feature to download the files

  • More than one file can be downloaded in a batch

Alternative 9 – Free Rapid Downloader

Free Rapid Downloader is developed in Java and can download files from platforms like YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, Rapidshare, and many more. You just have to copy and paste the URL and the file will be downloaded to your system. The software keeps the details of all the downloads. Currently, the app supports about 700 websites.


  • Files can be downloaded from YouTube, Picasa, Rapidshare, and Facebook

  • Drag and drop the link of file to be downloaded

  • The user interface of the app supports multiple languages

Alternative 10 – uGet Download Manager

The uGet Download Manager is an open-source software which can be installed on a variety of platforms. It has all the features available in IDM. Along with it, the uGet Download Manager can be used to download several files in a single go. Paused and broken downloads can be easily resumed through this app.


  • Multiple files can be downloaded at a time

  • Broken downloads can be resumed

  • Downloads can be scheduled


Internet Download Manager is a software that can be used to download files at a fast speed from the internet. The software is compatible with Windows only. It is costly and its working depends on the setting of the browsers. There are many free download managers available that have more features in comparison to IDM. People can use them to download several files at once and that too at a fast speed.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023

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