How to improve yourself in life?

Life entails continual change and growth or improvisation. Many gurus or seekers advocate various philosophies on how to improve the quality of one’s life. The willpower of the individual to accommodate change and expand one’s horizon demands integrity from himself in whatever he is ready to do.

A few tips to help in improving oneself

Self Confidence: Belief in one’s own capacity to grow and one’s own potential is the first step to success. Optimism is the key to growth. Positive thinking creates a pleasant and happy atmosphere promoting change and improving the quality of both thoughts and action.

Will Power: The amount of zeal and effort that one puts into any task and the continuous strive always gives a good result. The integrity and intensity with which one pursues one's endeavor bring success. One’s own willpower to change promotes change.

Action: Just thinking is not enough but the implementation is important. Action in carrying out the necessary task and presenting it forth are primary.

Focus and Redefine: Finding out what one wants and growing wiser by focusing on one's goals and redefining one's aspirations and making them come true is all a part of growth Setting up practical and smart goals and accomplishing them through constant effort gets desired results.

Acknowledge Faults: Awareness of one’s drawbacks and honest admittance of one’s mistakes makes it easier for a person to improve upon himself. Integrity and acknowledgement make it easier to set out a plan of action to improve the quality of one’s own life.

Seeking Expert Advice: Asking for advice from experienced people or counsel from experts and getting feedback helps in refining one's thought processes. This not only helps in saving time but also in avoiding further mistakes.

Cultivate Good Habits: When a person seeks to improve the quality of his life, he needs to mend his ways. Certain habits have to be inculcated and certain have to be given up.

Meditation: Meditating daily if practised could help relieve one's stress and imbibe a sense of calmness which promotes healthy thoughts and arrive at good solutions to problems at hand. It enhances one's patience and brings about a change in a person handling his life’s situations.

Role Model or Guru: learning from people who inspire you or who can teach you ways of improving the quality of life could help in bringing a dramatic change. They could be friends or spiritual gurus but people who can inspire the qualitative change in your life.

Learning New things: Learning a new language or learning a new skill would improve your knowledge and broaden your perspective. A new language gives insight into new cultures and new skills will increase one's confidence level. Functional capacity will be widened with improvised skills thereby increasing output and development.

Picking up a hobby: Effective time management is a criterion for positive growth. Any hobby like gardening, painting, music or drawing could be taken up effectively to spend spare time in a beneficial way.

Good Health: Regular fitness regimen and exercise and maintaining health improves the quality of one’s life.