How to get an Entry box within a Messagebox in Tkinter?


There are various methods and built-in functions available with the messagebox library in tkinter. Let's assume you want to display a messagebox and take some input from the user in an Entry widget. In this case, you can use the askstring library from simpledialog. The askstring library creates a window that takes two arguments, the title of the window, and the input title before the Entry widget. Let's take an example to understand how it works.


# Import the required library
from tkinter import *
from tkinter.simpledialog import askstring
from tkinter.messagebox import showinfo

# Create an instance of tkinter frame and window

name = askstring('Name', 'What is your name?')
showinfo('Hello!', 'Hi, {}'.format(name))



Running the above code will display a popup message box asking the user to enter the name in the given Entry widget.

Enter the name and click "OK". It will display the following message −

Updated on 16-Dec-2021 11:08:22