Creating a popup message box with an Entry field in tkinter

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Tkinter Popup are toplevel window interfaces that wrap up the widget and the element with the main window. It can be embedded in any main window using a handler like Button Widget. Popup can be created using the Toplevel(root) constructor.


In this example, we will create a simple application containing a Label widget and a button to open the popup message box which contains an Entry field. Once the popup is opened, it can have the functionality to go back to the main window.

#Import the required library
from tkinter import*

#Create an instance of tkinter frame
win= Tk()

#Define geometry of the window

#Define a function to close the popup window
def close_win(top):
def insert_val(e):
   e.insert(0, "Hello World!")

#Define a function to open the Popup Dialogue
def popupwin():
   #Create a Toplevel window
   top= Toplevel(win)

   #Create an Entry Widget in the Toplevel window
   entry= Entry(top, width= 25)

   #Create a Button to print something in the Entry widget
   Button(top,text= "Insert", command= lambda:insert_val(entry)).pack(pady= 5,side=TOP)
   #Create a Button Widget in the Toplevel Window
   button= Button(top, text="Ok", command=lambda:close_win(top))
   button.pack(pady=5, side= TOP)
#Create a Label
label= Label(win, text="Click the Button to Open the Popup Dialogue", font= ('Helvetica 15 bold'))

#Create a Button
button= Button(win, text= "Click Me!", command= popupwin, font= ('Helvetica 14 bold'))


Running the above code will display a window that contains a button to open the Popup Dialogue.

Once we click the button, it will open the popup Dialog Box. The popup Dialog has two buttons, each for a different purpose. When we click the “Ok” button, it will destroy the popup and revert back to the main window.

Updated on 15-Apr-2021 13:17:44