How to Find your Dream Job in Tech Field

Are you tired of searching for a job through online mode, you may be wondering, is there any better way, to find your dream job in the field of technology. To make your job of shortlisting useful job portals, we are listing out one of the famous sites.


In Dice, a leading US based job tech site, you can find thousands of job openings, posted each day. You can filter by location, employment by type and company name. You can also view job description without creating an account, for that, you must get yourself registered in order to apply. Once you have created a profile, you also have the option to upload your resume, which will work as an open invitation for recruiters to contact you.


This site helps employers to recruit engineers, who wish to work with startups. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. When you sign up on this site, you are required to go through programming tests/challenges to vet your skills. You will not be able to see the listing until you fill out your profile as well as complete the quizzes. However, once you make it through, you will be able to assess yourself with your competition.

This site features only startup jobs, it features technology related jobs in major cities as well as for remote work location in the US. The site shares good relations with hundreds of venture-backed startups and features quality positions from top notch companies. To get started you must submit an application.


Recruiters as well as hiring managers across the globe, use Linkedin more often when compared to other websites in order to connect with candidates who are looking for jobs. This site is also known to be the largest professional social networking site and it has more than 400 million members in more than 200 nations. The membership is free; job seekers can post a summary of their career and work history.


It is one of the most dynamic job site the world, for getting hired using Indeed, it is more like Google search engine. It consists of aggregate information from news sites, company listing and job boards. An advanced search function helps you to drill down a location, salary range, and keywords. It has near to 180 million unique visitors each month; it is available in about 50 nations.


By browsing the above website, you will find the fastest way to survey a massive number of job listings. This company has a presence in more than 24 nations and available in 12 languages. It also offers salary estimator. It offers aggregate information from job boards, company listing, and new sites. It has an about 30 million unique visitors each month. One of the best features is that, it has job listings which would display your LinkedIn connection to each job and in 26 languages.

This site is considered to be the world’s largest freelancer based talent pool. It also has about 33,000 employers which includes, DHL, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and more. They hire contractors as well as freelancers on this website for temporary projects. All you require to do is, fill out your job profile and time to time, the site is automated to send varied job postings which you can accept or decline.


This site has become a favorite site for many as it allows prospective job seekers to search for jobs and research salaries and reviews on companies written by varied employees. The company is headquartered in Sausalito, California, US. You need to sign up first to find a lot of research as well as reference material available to you at your fingertips.

HireTech ladies

This site consists highly curated jobs board, which has its focus, on featuring companies, which support women and those who wish to attract more women in their tech roles. You can opt to subscribe to a newsletter which features job opening. You must create an account to check the password protected job listings. Tech ladies first met in a coffee shop in NYC, then they have grown into a worldwide community.


This site was started to promote diversity in the workforce, the company is based in New York, it focuses on connecting companies with talented women in tech. One needs to start, by filling out their profile, then they can start applying for jobs, you will be notified if your skills do match the company opening.


This site has more than nine million users, it is a US based company, it is the world’s most popular Git repository hosting service, it also consists job board. It filters by title, a specific skill or other keywords or location. You can find matching tech jobs. Most featured jobs on this website are full time; sometimes you will find, even part-time or remote work might also be posted.

Product Hunt

In Product Hunt, a US based company, you will find a curated list consisting of jobs for developers, engineers, designers, product managers and more. You can find job listings from startups and tech companies. That’s not all, some internship projects are also posted time to time.

Below are some of the few best apps, change your career and help to be more organized and ace your interview.

JobR app

This is a cool app and a leading mobile search app; it allows you to set up a profile, create as well as upload your resume and then search for jobs. It also has another great feature, a personal” career concierge to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

Switch App

This is an easy app, to match job seekers in New York City and San Francisco with amazing jobs. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. This app helps in job search which has a good user interface, that’s not all, it allows you to search for jobs quicker from your phone. All you require to do is – swipe right. If you are interested in a job or if you are not, you need to swipe left. When you perform the above action, the employers, as well as recruiters, would be instantly notified, if you are interested in their job or not. If any recruiter or employer is interested in you, they will use the online chat feature; it helps to connect with you also set up an interview. It is simple, fast and it eliminates the need for the annoying cover letter.


This app, developed by US based company, is a favorite for many on the list, it allows you to search by location using the Google maps in more than 20 nations, you can find and apply for jobs listed on varied sites like simply hired, Indeed, the ladders and Monster, it also permits you to research companies and compare the salary information.

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