How to Do Your Makeup for a Job Interview

At a job interview, makeup can be a terrific way to improve your appearance and increase your confidence. So, it's crucial to strike the perfect balance and pick an appearance that is appropriate for the office and professional. Here, are few tips to follow for doing makeup for a job interview which can be impressive while following code of conducts.

Tips to Follow while Doing Makeup for a Job Interview

Go soft and natural when applying makeup for a job interview. A decent general rule of thumb is to select colours that closely match your skin tone. You want to leave a positive impression without going overboard. It is preferable to blend in than to stand out by going overboard and using excessive makeup. Here are some dos and don'ts for wearing makeup to a job interview, so you make the greatest impression, beyond the fundamental rule that it shouldn't be loud or distracting.

Consider Your Skin Tone

A woman needs to be donning sunset rose eyeshadow, subtle bronzer, and nude lip gloss. A darker-toned woman would want to avoid bright pink lipstick or light beige eyeshadow, while a paler woman would want to stay away from strong magenta blush. Instead of standing out, you want your makeup to blend in.

Put On a Thin Foundation

While applying makeup for your interview, choose a lightweight, breathable foundation that complements your natural skin tone. If you are anxious during interviews, having a heavy, caked-on foundation can make you look sweaty. Your skin can be evened out and supported in its natural radiance with a modest quantity of liquid, powder, or cream foundation. Under the bright office lighting, heavy makeup not only appears strange, but it can also easily wear or sweat off, leaving streaks or red areas.

Use Primer Instead of Blush

Even those who have attended numerous interviews for jobs should keep in mind that they might be nerve-wracking. Consider using a sheer bronzer or highlighter in place of blush if you tend to flush deeply when you're anxious or stressed out and expect a challenging interview. And if you're really worried about becoming red, you might want to use a green-tinted primer first, then your makeup. Although it won't be visible from the outside, it will help lessen any redness if your cheeks start to bleed.

Avoid False Eyelashes

Save your artificial eyelashes for the office holiday party rather than the interview, even though they might make you look alert and wide-eyed. You should try not to worry too much about how you look so that you can concentrate on answering the interview questions well. False lashes are not weatherproof, sweatproof, or tearproof. Instead, use a coat of black, waterproof mascara.

Don't Use Clumpy Mascara

Having said that, avoid using too much mascara to avoid having clumpy lashes. You want to appear polished and professional, not as though you were just returning after a hectic night at the club. When it comes to makeup for interviews, less is a lot, lot more.

Consider Lip Gloss

If you're prone to using lipstick or lip gloss, try to keep the colour quite close to your natural lip colour. Gloss should be used with caution because you don't want it to appear sticky, smear, or dry out and leave an unpleasant white residue. A safe option is a light, hydrating lip gloss or even lip balm.

Be Classy

Red lips are a staple in glamour, but they might not be appropriate for your interview. The truth is that wearing red lipstick isn't necessarily a bad idea; rather, you should proceed with caution. So, when can it be used? You might be able to get away with it if the rest of your outfit is subtle, such as an all-black dress and shoe combo and sparse eye makeup. So, you need to apply your lipstick carefully. Better than patchy lipstick or smudged lip liner would be bare lips. And during your interview, you probably don't want to be thinking about it. Here's a little-known fact: your best bet might just be a sheer crimson lip tint. Nonetheless, use it tastefully.

Use Mineral Powder

Even though an interview can be stressful, it's crucial to remain composed and perform well under pressure. A mild mineral powder will be helpful if you tend to perspire or turn red when pressured. With a big brush like the one shown, lightly sprinkle it over your foundation, concealer, or bare skin if you're not wearing a base later. This powder will balance out your skin tone and aid to dry up any sweat so you don't look oily.

Apply Pencil Eyeliner

If you typically wear cat eyeliner, reduce it for the interview. Instead, then going past the edge of your eye, stop applying eyeliner there. If you want a softer, less harsh appearance, you can also use a pencil rather than liquid liner.

Don’t Apply Dramatic Eyeshadow

Forget about the makeup in all its wild colours. Eyeshadow should hardly be noticeable if you chose to wear it. Your interviewer should focus on your replies rather than your garish eye makeup, so you should be able to maintain firm, self-assured eye contact when you respond to questions.

Apply Natural Coloured Eye Shadow

If you decide to wear eye shadow to an interview, go with natural tones. Safe and simple to use are earth tones. Simply apply a lighter, somewhat luminescent shade (that is close to your skin tone) on your eyelids, then give the outer corners of your eyes some depth with a medium shade.

Use A Setting Spray

Use setting spray to complete your look and keep everything in place all day. It can assist your makeup stay in place even if you touch your face carelessly during an interview, which is a frequent nervous habit. No matter how long the interview lasts, knowing that your makeup looks excellent can help you stay focused and confident.

Examine Your Hairline

Check your hairline quickly to make sure your foundation is evenly blended and there are no product streaks before you turn away from the mirror. To seem assured and open, remove leftover makeup with a moist sponge and comb the hair that frames your face.

Bring Retouching Materials

Before heading for your interview, pack a few necessary products in case you need to touch up anything. This is especially crucial if you have to travel far or have other commitments before the interview, which will give your makeup more time to wear off. Bring some cotton swabs or tissues to assist wipe up smudged lines along with your foundation, lip colour, and lip gloss. Another useful thing is a small compact with a mirror so you may check your teeth for lipstick and any stray stains before meeting your interviewer.


Your first impression with the interviewer can be greatly impacted by how you present yourself during the job interview. A fantastic way to draw attention to your best features and increase your confidence is with makeup. Yet it's crucial to remember that a job interview necessitates a suitable and professional appearance.

Avoid strong and dramatic makeup styles and choose neutral, natural colours that go well with your skin tone. Apply your makeup lightly and concentrate on discreetly emphasizing your best features. Remember to take care of your complete appearance, including your hair and nails. You may establish a polished and professional appearance by following these pointers and instructions, which will impress the interviewer and improve your chances of getting the job.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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