What was your dream and how did you achieve it?

My dream was to become a millionaire and I turned myself into the one and enjoy treasures of money most of us mere dream of. Do you know how? Because I was so passionate about it that I could go to even any extent. I married a girl who left home to run away with her boyfriend but her boyfriend didn't come where they promised to meet and she accidentally met me. I married her on one condition and that was to get Rs. 10000 from her brother.

With that money, I started a company but it didn't work but when I saw my dream shattering, I played another mischief. I made the workers of the company the equal shareholders and guess what? Triumph touched my feet. I became a millionaire and rest of them remained the same.

I moved further and joined hands with politicians and funded them for their elections campaigns with a promise to provide me lands at cheap prices to set up my plants. Once they won, I expanded my business with their help and became a tycoon.

I am sure you know who I am after going through the story up to here? Mention the name in the comment section.

Loved this story? I know because wicked and evil stories fascinate us more than straight and simple walkways.