Five Signs That You Should Quit Your Job!

In any industry, you will find people who are spontaneous and do not leave any opportunity, whereas there will be people who are loyal and remain with the Organization for more than a decade. The idea of change scares them, despite the conditions in the present Organization. Here is a small checklist to see whether it is time to quit or not.

No Professional Growth

For most people, learning and career progression is a big motivation to continue in a job. These people need some challenge in their career and a focus to work on. If you are one of such person and if the thought of stability without any growth scares you, it’s time to quit. The job should be something which will make you happy instead of stressed. If you do something which you love, you will be really good at it. You will make an extra effort to the near perfection. If you are not getting this motivation, then QUIT!.

When You feel Undervalued

Even highly paid employees to feel undervalued when there is a lack of appreciation. The managers forget to appreciate the people who are achieving targets on regular basis and focus on the employees who are planning to move out of the Organization. This creates a feeling of unappreciated. And if you feel unappreciated and undervalued and it, in turns, hampering your performance too, then Quit before it’s too late!.

When You are Grossly Underpaid

As you grow in the Organization, you look for the compensation you get as the part of your increment. You put in hard work and you still are not getting paid in the same proportion. If you feel that your compensation does not match with your skills and you know the industry benchmarks for your position are higher, it is time to look for better opportunities outside.

When You Dislike your Boss

After a survey, it was found that most of the employees resign from their organization due to the fact that they don’t like their boss. It’s true that people join companies but they quit their bosses. Having a bad manager is extremely taxing and impedes productivity. You should not go through such stress and leave the job for good!.

When you feel Gloomy

If going to the office is not you are looking forward to, it means it is time for a change. The day you walk through the doors of your office without any excitement, you know it’s game over. If you are facing any of these situations, you are ready to quit the current job. and there is always a sense of sadness and bitterness, you should quit the job immediately.


The compensation is equally important but if you do something which you love, it will bring loads of compensation as a reward. It is no use of working with half heart. If you are good at what you do, you should look for an employer who can appreciate and compensate for your skills in the right manner.

Updated on: 24-Jan-2020


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