How does the tech industry manipulate its customers?

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Did you know all the articles you read about the reviews of a particular product: about its pros, cons, and ratings from some popular, so-called "authentic and genuine" tech blogs are actually, just paid ones?

In fact, because of these people, the articles with the original product review are pushed to the very end of the priority line by the big tech companies, that can’t seem to get enough affirmation to their success. In some cases, there is no place left for constructive criticism. As you know, criticism also plays an important part in the improvement of technology and its impact on the consumer. Look, I am not saying all the tech companies have paid critics and journalist but there are plenty of them who actually do.


One can’t blindly trust everything the journalists today say. Gone are the golden days where we would expect actual inputs to be shared for the technologists. That was the time when there was a feeling of mutual respect and admiration towards the work. Today with paid media and greedy journalist the true sense of journalism is actually lost.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25