How to deal with a cranky baby?

Is your baby is over possessive to you and seems to never let you go? Read on the following tips to deal with a clingy baby.

Tip #1: Stay Cool

You may take it as a joke, but your cranky little one can read and understand your body language. The way you handle a situation and the way you react can tell your baby easily. So, once you notice the signs of anxiety or clingy, stay calm and give your baby a little amount of time.

Tip #2

Take it as a learning milestone. If your baby needs more time than other babies, then go with the flow.

Tip #3

Add this habit In his/her Daily Routine: When your little one is cranky, every new people or not so new people can trigger an emotional outburst. So, it's important to add some outdoor time in your baby’s routine on a regular basis. Take your little bundle of joy for a walk to a nearby park or just the neighborhood market. Help your baby see as many new faces as possible.

Tip #4

Assure your baby that strangers are OK. Help your little one know that not all new faces are bad. Wave out to people in your locality and encourage your toddler to do so. If any new person comes near him/her and wants to interact, make sure you soothe your baby and calmly assure him/her that it is absolutely fine.

Tip #5

Play Peek A Boo: It's an amazing way to teach your cranky little one about the idea of hiding and permanence.

Tip #6

Be Happy and comfortable with strangers. Make sure you show your tot that there are people, greet them, and tell your baby that this is a safe person.