How to clear old items in pivot table?

In this article we will learn how to update the pivot table data after updating the details of source table. In many cases, whenever we update the source data as per the requirement the old data still appears in the filter of pivot table dropdown options. This may create confusion for the end user who will view the data table and pivot table. To resolve this issue we can use the following steps.

Step 1− We have taken a sample data for creating the Pivot Table as following −

Step 2− Now, if we update any value in the source data that does not get updated in the Pivot Table even after refreshing the table. Here, I have changed Keyboard to Laptop, but it is still not visible in the dropdown list.

Step 3− To resolve this issue, Right-Click in any cell of the Pivot Table and select the option PivotTable Options.

Step 4− In the PivotTable Options dialog box, select Data Tab and against Number of items to retain per field select the option None and click OK.

Step 5− Now, go to PivotTable Tools > Analyze > Data > Refresh. Here, click Refresh to update the pivot table data.

Step 6− Next, when you click the filter again the old items will get removed.


Hence using this method you can easily update the details of the pivot table. Pivot table is a widely used module of excel for data analysis and data filtering, so updating the data in accordance to the source data must be analyzed carefully before submitting the final output.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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