How is the life of a middle-aged woman without marriage?

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A middle-aged woman without marriage has to face a lot of criticism in Indian Society. Here, especially in rural places, a woman is judged a lot. Even if you are earning your own living and living your own life, you are supposed to answer a lot of people for your single status.

You are the first one to be criticized for all the bad events in your family. Parents will treat you as a burden, even though you live your own life and also support them financially. I am telling all this about rural areas.

There is a different story in Metro cities. Can you believe that in Mumbai, if you are an unmarried woman you cannot get a place on rent?? It is taken for granted that an unmarried woman without marriage has a love failure, or a rape victim or is all available for anyone.

God knows when the thinking of Indian men will change !!!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24