How can people overcome the fear of failure?

Many individuals nurture the fear of failure within them. The fear of failure starts when you are very young and if ignored, it grows over the years. I remember how terrified I would be during the exams or a competition. However, I thank my parents who helped me overcome my fear by not forcing me their aspirations on me.

They made me realize how recognizing my inner talent or being a better human being was more important for my future than forcing me to secure higher grades in exams. And, I am proud to say that today I am not afraid of any tests that life throws at me. Here are a few simple things you should remember to overcome the fear of failure.

Find the Root Cause

Identify where is your fear coming from? Relax and ask yourself when and how did the fear of failure start? Be calm and notice what you feel, see, or hear. You should be able to logically analyze the situation to get over the failure.

If it was because your over-protective parents or teachers who were really strict, it was rather for your benefit.

Make it simple

Simplify any process that seems too complicated. There are things that may seem hard to tough to understand in the beginning, for instance, starting a small business from home.

I always feared whether I would make any profits by selling breakfast from home, or I would end up making losses only. But, when I started breaking the process down by spreading awareness, networking, making contacts, or distributing handouts things started working out.

Failure is Imminent

Failure is the route to success for those who can learn from their mistakes. It is unavoidable but, it's important if you want to live a great life in the future. With each failure, you learn something new and the urge to strive for success keeps increasing. It adds meaning and purpose to your life.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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