How can one genuinely put an end to addiction?

Addiction is a condition or a stage of life where you are addicted to certain materials or substances that give you pleasure.Addiction does not only intend towards drugs or alcohol; There are a lot of addictions people have. Too much of anything is bad. It is very necessary to curb your addictions and live a healthy life.

The best way to get rid of an addiction is to substitute that habit with a healthier one or at least a less harmful one. The new habits you make to substitute your addictions must be beneficial rather than bringing you down. For example, people with alcohol addiction can get addicted to smoking in the process of quitting alcohol.

These are some steps that can be used for beating an addiction and substituting it with a health:

Have Simple Goals

It’s a waste of time trying to change your life overnight. Keep small targets and achieve them on a regular basis, this makes you feel so better about yourself and never let any obligation come in the way of your goal. You will be able to gain resilience against your addiction in no time.

Daily Changes

The goal or habit you are going to replace with the addiction has to be incorporated in your daily life, then you are less likely to forget about it.

Set reminders

Set reminders everywhere you might need them to be, this way your goal is never gone out of sight hence never out of your mind. A small post-it on the fridge can make a huge difference in getting rid of an addiction.

Get rid of temptation

Anything that can remind you of your addiction needs to be cut down, that may be a place, music or even a person. You should stop thinking about the places that remind you of your addiction. Avoiding people with similar addictions can be a good method.