How can I be happy in life at all times?

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In my opinion, understanding is the key to everything and happiness depends on what you perceive. Life is a series of events, in which some might make you happy and some might make you sad. But the truth is that events are just meant to happen and the relation what you feel to have with them, makes you feel happy or sad. So, just understand that everything is not in your hands and things are just meant to happen.

Live the Moment

Life is meant to be happier. Helping others in times of need makes you happy. Respecting yourself and even pampering yourself sometimes, makes you happy. Observing the optimism in nature around you can also make you happy. Time flies and reminds us one thing forever that “Nothing is permanent”. Neither the happiest moments nor the saddest moments last forever. Just understand this truth completely and don’t try to force any changes. Accept the rhythm of life that everything doesn’t happen as we wish.

We Survive, No Matter what Comes

Even nature also keeps on proving that despite facing severe and changing climatic conditions, we are the most adaptable species that survived longer. Hence, accept the changes in life and be optimistic. Feel the blessings you have but others don’t. Be thankful for the almighty and try to be helpful to your fellow beings. Most importantly, don’t explore happiness. Look!! It’s always there around you. Just observe and catch it !!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24