Google Photos Powered with AI can Share Your Photos Automatically

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How often your friends and family members call you to share their photos you have photographed on your mobile in a barbecue party or family function? Many times, isn’t it? It is quite common that in our busy schedule we often forget to share the photos with them. We keep delaying the things just to avoid the time and efforts required to choose the photos of theirs and then sharing with them. And due to that, we used to hear a lot of flak from all the corners, especially from the persons in the photos.

Sometimes, you share the snaps in a hurry without choosing them carefully that creates an embarrassing situation and you became a laughing stock among your friends and families. And some other time thing turns just the other way, some of your best snaps were taken on your friend’s mobile and you need to follow him or her to share with you.

Don’t worry; there is a solution for all of your worries. Yes, the Google Photos App can solve all such problems. Recently Google has rolled out the latest features in its Google Photos App which is powered by the amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. Let’s discuss this amazing feature of latest Google Photos App and how it is capable of solving your problems.

Photos can be Shared Automatically

Recently, Google has empowered its Google Photo application with the latest technology – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now, you need not worry about sharing the awesome photos with your friends and family. The latest Google Photo App will share your best photos automatically to your friends and family with your consent. Let us see how it works.

  • The App will recognize the face on the photos based on the past user’s data, which is possible with the latest technology.

  • Once you snap a shot of someone, known person whom you photographed earlier also, then the app will recognize his or her face and suggest sharing the photos with him or her.

  • In case of grouped photos, the app will suggest the list of persons whom you will share the photos based on the faces it recognized.

  • The Google App will also help you to delete the photos which are not good such as blurry photos. You can delete them easily on its suggestion.

  • Once you have provided the necessary permission to the app, the app will keep sending the photos automatically to the related person whose face it recognizes in the photos also share in connected social Media platforms.

  • And in case, if the person does not have the app, for example, an iOS user, it will send a text message as a notification. The person can then install the app to see the shared photos.

  • When the app provides you the list of recipients whom you should share the photos based on the recognized face, you have the option to modify the list and choose the recipient on your choice.

So, this amazing app will solve your time and effort on selecting the photos of different people and then send them one by one. Once you allowed the application, it will do all of these things on your behalf, thus saving your time and efforts. Once shared, the photos will be displayed in the Google Photos account of the receivers. And in case they are not logging-in in their account, then it will appear in the inbox of their email.

Increase the Space by AI Archiving

While on holidays or a party many of us want to capture every moment, scenes, people or anything which we like. And that activity increases many folds when we visit a tourist place. These days, the Smartphone with high-quality cameras are allowing us to take as many snaps as we want in all conditions without worrying about the camera rolls.

But the problem arises when the photos are kept stacking up inside your phone and eating up the device’s space. And after some time, you may not be able to store more photos, videos due to space crunch. And that also deteriorates the performance of your device, isn’t it?.

No need to worry! Let us see how you can get rid of this problem with the amazing Google Photo App.

  • There is an interesting feature in this intelligent app. It will let you know the duplicate photos which often happens due to multiple clicks at one instance.

  • Based on its suggestion you simply allow the application to get rid of the duplicate photos by simply deleting it.

  • This app is also providing you the option to archive the photos. You can archive the photos to save your disk space.

  • The archived photos will not be visible in your main gallery but you can view them anytime at your archive album. It allows saving your disk space without permanently deleting the memorable photos.

  • And the best thing is all your photos can be stored on the web securely with its backup option. You just need to allow the application to do the backup regularly of all your photos from the various folders such as camera gallery, Whatsapp images and videos and other image folders.

However, you have the option to review on each of its suggestion and do the things which best suits to you. This app is not forcing you to do any action, it will only suggest you. The choice is yours whether you will remove some photos or archive it to save the space of your device.

Google Photo Assistant with AI

Sometimes, you take the photos of posters, notes, documents or brochures of an event to keep the dates or phone numbers instead of writing them on a paper. But later on, those photos are not required to view in the main gallery. However, you may want to keep them just for a memory or reference when needed in future.

The Google Photo Assistant will suggest you the best solution to deal with such photos. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, the Google Photo app will suggest you under the Assistant tab to archive the photos which you are not viewing more often. The AI and Machine Learning technology identified the less viewing photos or older photos and then suggest archiving them.

Under the Assistant tab, the app will also show the movies, collage created with your photos and videos, and ask you whether you want to save them in your album or not. It also allows you to create collage and animations of your photos and save them in your album. You can create the albums with the help of this tool and share them with your friends and family.

Finally, this amazing application has many useful features to solve your photos related problems whether it is sharing the photos with friends and family or freeing the disk space of your device to provide it the enough breathing space for higher performance. These features are available for Android, iOS and desktop users. Apply the latest update of Google Photo app and start taking advantage of these useful features.

Updated on 24-Jan-2020 07:54:30