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Facebook is a real-time conversations platform or in other word we can say that it is social networking site where people gather together to share their thoughts. In this busy world, nobody has time to go to their friends and relative place to enjoy and share their happiest moment. So, Facebook help them to share their happiest moment without going to their friends and relative houses and without spending money. That’s why; nobody is left in this world who does not have Facebook account.

Because of Facebook demand and popularity, Facebook brought a new feature “Trending” designed to display a personalized list of topics that are spiking in popularity in updates, posts and comments in front of everyone. Its aim to place interesting and relevant conversations in front of Facebook users which help them to discover the best content from all across Facebook. Now, it is only available in US, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

Facebook account holder can see this feature right side of their News Feed. Trending list includes topics based on things users are interested in and what is trending across Facebook overall.

All topics are shown by a headline that briefly describes why all are trending. Facebook user can click on any headline to see the information about particular heading and people and friend conversation on that.

How Facebook Trending (A Real-Time Press) Works

Like, Trending list of Twitter and Google, Facebook Trending list also shows real time environment, displays popular events in any given moment. Facebook said about this feature that it’s also designed to provide headlines context having more than a simple keyword.

Facebook Trending shows list of headlines, each headline narrates a new story about a particular topic, posted by media, Facebook lover or public, and comes with a keyword or phrase. While clicking on a particular interesting headline or keyword takes users to a specific headline page with a full news feed of other posts on that particular topic–content posted by friends, commercial people and celebrity, and also by outsiders who have public account.

Facebook’s trending only shows 3 headlines topics at the right side of the news feed, but after clicking on “See More” link at the bottom shows the list of 10 trending topics.

Beneficial for business and content marketing

Facebook’s Trending adds new headlines in continuous basis that are very beneficial for business owners. Business owner can become popular by writing interesting points on a particular topic, giving opinion on the topic and their surroundings, by including media on a particular topic, and by asking questions from their groups and involve them in a conversation about the topic.

It is also helpful in content marketing. Content marketing will be benefited by keywords of trending topics that draw search engine traffic. If someone shows the contents of trending topics on Facebook, then their relationship with other people and social media will grow. If audience likes your writing on a particular topic will grow your business and readership.


Facebook’s Trending facilitates account holders to view posts of friends, celebrities and other public. It is also beneficial for business and content marketing. Currently, Trending is available in few countries, but very soon it will be available worldwide.

Updated on: 13-Jan-2020


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