India’s Top 10 best NFT Marketplaces

The peer-to-peer NFT Marketplace is a platform for the virtual economy. This enables artists to display and advertise their works of art as digital tokens, and purchasers and investors can acquire those jpegs as an asset. It is very similar to making an online purchase using your electronic wallet. The artist has several options after establishing the potential value of this non-fungible token (NFT), including listing the NFT at a fixed price or conducting an auction in which the winner receives the NFT.

NFT marketplaces can be divided into two categories: open-type and exclusive-type. The exclusive-type NFT marketplace exclusively trades one specific form of NFT, whereas the open-type NFT marketplace trades all sorts of NFTs. The internet world is home to a wide variety of NFT marketplaces. As a result, choosing the best one to start trading NFTs is relatively challenging. As a result, users typically select the best products available.

India's Top NFT Marketplaces


    WazirX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2018 and had more than 7.3 million members. The cryptocurrency trading platform Binance bought the platform. They launched the NFT marketplace for local and traditional artists. The platform is well-known for hosting its first NFT exhibition and being an excellent choice for newcomers. Users are charged 5% of service fees, and creators are allowed to keep the remaining proceeds. By November 2021, the platform had registered $38 billion in trade in a record year. It crashed due to strong user activity following news of the Indian government's decision on a cryptocurrency bill.

      Jupiter Meta

      Jupiter Meta just announced opening India's first fully curated marketplace for innovation. Its main goal is to produce unique metaverse experiences through music videos and video games. Their digital art, NFT of food, landmarks, and beaches serve as the "Icons of Singara Chennai," the city's culture. It was established in 2021 to trade NFT and integrate numerous cultural and artistic spheres within its metaverse. The marketplace provides a specialized experience and predetermined prices. The platform has no gas fees and is supported by level-1 Rubix blockchain technology.


        One of the best NFT markets in the world so far is OpenSea. The NFT market's trade volume is the ideal metric for evaluating this. Users of the site can mint, buy, and sell a wide variety of NFTs. These digital tokens include virtual worlds, trading cards, digital art, collectibles, and more. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this marketplace works with the Polygon network to reduce gas costs. Through OpenSea, customers can access more than 700 NFT projects, with an astounding 80 million NFTs available for trading. In addition, the OpenSea platform allows users to mint and fix their seller profiles using special architecture. In this method, the transaction charge for each sale made on the marketplace is simply 2.5%. Currently, the OpenSea platform will have more than 600,000 users by the year 2022. Consequently, it ranks as one of the best NFT marketplaces in the industry.


          Bollycoin is an NFT marketplace devoted to collections inspired by or based on Bollywood ventures, and it is referred to as a bridge between Bollywood and the blockchain. The platform gained notoriety last year when Salman Khan and they collaborated on a Dabangg collection. Bollycoin also provides additional collectibles, including movie stills, posters, and snippets. Members will receive royalties based on participation, and their crypto-coin can be used to buy NFTs.


            Given RARI, their native ERC-20 governance token, and the fact that it was introduced in 2020, Rarible was recognized as the best NFT marketplace. They have two tokens: ERC-1155, used to create numerous editions of an item, and ERC-721, used to create one-of-a-kind, distinctive goods. Rarible's tokens may be utilized on platforms like OpenSea, making it one of the few decentralized autonomous companies operating today. On OpenSea, a renowned platform accessed through this marketplace, NFT tokens are also used.


              The Foundation's NFTs, a P2P NFT marketplace, works with digital artists, crypto-natives, and collectors. The foundation wants to promote marginalized voices and foster culture. Artists primarily interested in digital art must create a profile on the platform and apply for an Upvote Program, where the community will further vote and accept applications. When a collector sells digital artwork to another person, the foundation's all-female staff ensures the artist gets 10% of the sale. The team also selects the artwork that is exhibited.


                Since 2016, BuyUcoin has been a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in India, serving over 350,000 users and managing more than $300 million transactions involving digital assets with its parent firm. The company's goal is to "put crypto into a billion Indian pockets," allowing users to buy, sell, and trade 33 different cryptocurrencies, including, among many others, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Stellar. Additionally, users can use UPI for financial purposes. The maker fee charged by the platform is 0.24%.


                  One of the largest licensed NFT markets for digital artists to buy and sell their work is reportedly called Colexion. Additionally, they have enabled digital tokens in the shape of Trump cards. They are currently building the biggest NFT digital museum in the world, where users may meet celebrities and learn about their adventures. Additionally, its gaming platform incorporates athletes as avatars and lets users buy, sell, and exchange avatars and other virtual goods.

                    Nifty Gateway

                    In the history of the blockchain, Nifty Gateway is well-known for selling NFTs from Beeple and musicians like Grimes and LOGIK. The NFTs on Nifty Gateway are powered by Gemini's cutting-edge custody technology and are kept in a safe wallet. This enables the platform to charge the artists no gas money. Nifties are made available as a limited edition every three weeks.


                      Beyondlife, well-known for the "Amitabh NFT," is a marketplace for famous people and their followers. With its "First Rare Art NFT Collection" and bestselling NFTs like Stan Lee's Chakra the Invincible and the Hindustan Times NFT, it is among the most reputable marketplaces. Within three minutes, the platform enables producers, companies, and artists to mint and sell their NFTs


                      Last but not least, selecting the top NFT marketplace from among the available options can be challenging. Each item on the list can be tailored to meet the needs of various target markets. When it comes to turning their works into NFTs, experienced artists and newer producers have varied tastes. The worries about royalties and expenses related to NFT transactions in the marketplaces, however, are distinct.

                      Updated on: 12-Dec-2022


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