Get the old classic chat interface back in facebook

Current Facebook page has introduced new chat sidebar and video chat feature. This chat sidebar is placed at the right-side of the Facebook pages. Friends with whom you chat always displays at the chat sidebar, by default.

Facebook has also introduced the sidebar ticker for a small period of time. You can also disable Facebook sidebar Ticker. Like this; Facebook always come up with new and changed features, but it does not mean Facebook lover will like those new and changed features. That’s why, we still have an option to revert back to the old Facebook design and this article will explain that how to get back the old Facebook design/interface.

The given below reasons will explain you why Facebook is not so appealing for Facebook lovers,

  • Unappealing Interface − Users feel that the chat sidebar at the right side of the Facebook page does not look very appealing.

  • Screen looks messy − Apart from the video chat feature that have not been used or known by several users, rest other features seems to be unusable as it captures lots of space needlessly on the Facebook screen, also decreases the width of the Facebook page that becomes very irritating if you are working on a small width screen.

  • Grouping feature has been removed − Now, users cannot hide their online status from the people with whom they do not want to chat.

  • The friend’s list − There is no selection process to select and keep friends in the friend list, it detects automatically. This automatic selected list does not have the names of the friends you chat the most, and so is not a good feature.

Using Google Chrome Browser Extensions, how to Get the Good Old Classic Chat Interface Back in Facebook

One of a good thing is that in Facebook, Facebook facilitates users who do not like the new chat feature can switch to the old classic chat interface of Facebook.

To replace the new chat interface from the old one use the free browser extension (SocialReviver). Install this browser extension into your computer to get the old chat back. This extension works on Google Chrome web browser. So, install the Google Chrome web browser and use the extension to bring back the good old classic chat in Facebook.

You can get the extension basically from browser’s official web sites, facilitates in disabling the new Facebook chat sidebar and return the good old normal chat window back. You use the video chat by opening a normal chat tab and click on the video icon in title bar of the conversation.

To get the old chat back, just install it and open Facebook and click on chat link. You can also use “Use Old-Style Chat” option to tie-up between old-style chat and new chat in chat menu.

Also, “Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion” userscript can disable new chat sidebar and bring back old chat in Facebook.

Download link

Google Chrome web browser “SocialReviver” extension


Use the above extension to get back the classic old chat in the Google Chrome web browser with less messy Facebook interface.

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