Oversharing information on facebook is dangerous

Some people are really concern while creating account on Facebook because it not just creates account, also shares your profile, videos, images and posts in front of others. So, surely the question can come in mind that how we are safe after creating account and posting things on Facebook?

Facebook is a place where you can spend unlimited time on unlimited sharing, but sometime this sharing becomes too much or harmful. If, you are a Facebook lover and like to share things on Facebook, sometime you also don’t know when you’re sharing becomes oversharing unknowingly that can give very bad impact on your personal account safety.

Oversharing information is sometime good or sometime bad, totally depends on Facebook user how they like their Facebook page, some users like oversharing and some don’t.

Through this article, let us focus on what good and bad things come through over-sharing on social media sites “Facebook”.

Uploading photos on Facebook records your meta data

When you click on the uploaded photo on Facebook, it records meta data that contains your geographic position in terms of latitude and longitude, but Facebook also have option to remove that meta data linked with photos, this removal is only possible when you are using Web interface, not third party application – “cellphone”. Most of us use cellphone to upload and share photos and posts, meta data removal is not possible in third party application like; cellphone.

So, to come out of this meta data issue, people who need someone else photos, simply download that photo and use a free software program like; Exiftool (a platform independent software program helpful in reading, writing, manipulating and removing the meta data form photo) to run the photo.

More uses of Timeline express your more

Stalkers use Facebook Timeline as like a scrapbook, provides an easy interface for your friends which is totally depends on what privacy settings you have. Stalkers only need to choose the year and month as per their interest and Facebook Timeline takes them right to it.

The music what you listen take you into the real world, this information can help your stalker to know your patterns that makes easier for them to find you.

It’s really best good, if you don’t share your location on Facebook. Organize your Friend list and keep only more trusted friends on the list, work on privacy settings to facilitate those friends.

While creating an account on Facebook you definitely provide all information of yourself including yours phone number and email addresses. Only, entering the personal information is not important, also important who are seeing that information. What will happen, if it is visible for all?

Little changes in Facebook Timeline can change your overall personality and presents what kind of person you are. Presents your charactestic, likes and dislikes, habits, hobbies, etc. More and more you involve into timeline, more and more you will express yourself.

Your oversharing can become reason of robbery

You’re oversharing on Facebook with your home address makes easier for thieves to catch you, very easily. If, you are out of town, this you have highlighted on Facebook, thief also gets to know you are out of town. They get great chance of robbery at your home.

If, you are so much concern of your Facebook account information should not revel in-front of any other person except your friends, due to this reason; you have restricted your privacy settings on Facebook to just friends. But, how much it gives safety? It is not at all safe, you don’t know when your friend opens Facebook on public computer and forget to log-out. Or, when your friend log-in into Facebook and at the same time they loses their mobile. You cannot give surety that your friend also have same privacy settings what you have.

Keep on checking your privacy settings always and also check what you Facebook pages are exposing in front of others and try to share limited things.

Lawyers, social worker, and politician love Facebook and other social media site

Definitely, all public workers like Facebook and other social media sites that bring-up their personal character in-front of others. How they expose their own character, similarly; they get to know others character. It is a good place for them to do public conversation. More and more they involve themself into social media sites that much they come near to public.


With some good things, bad things are also there. Similarly, Facebook also have some good and bad things. People who use Facebook and other social media sites careful can enjoy their posting.

Updated on: 09-May-2022


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