Best ways to improve twitter conversation

Purpose of using Twitter is to build robust connections with like-minded people. These connections bring more traffic towards you. Also, these social connections are good to boost small or large business.

Increasing social connection is not so easy task; you should be very strong in Twitter conversation area. It is very challenging job. There are many people who join Twitter but they don’t know how to talk with others or how to find like-minded people on Twitter.

So, if you are a twitter lover and want to become an expert in Twitter conversation, but don’t know how and from where to begin? Here is the solution.

In this post, we are going to explain you how to increase Twitter conversation to get your follower’s attention.

Keep Twitter Profile Inviting

If someone wants connection with you or your brand on Twitter, what all things they should do?

First, they will search for you. After search process is done, they will look at your profile.

So, if you want more and more people to follow you, make yourself inviting or pop.

Keep your profile up-to date with correct information, also upload your profile picture for better identification of yourself in-front of new followers who love to see you with correct Twitter profile information.

Also, you can contain components that inspire an expressive connection with any audience. What those components are will depend on your position.

Add Appealing Graphical Content

More than 90% of information can be understandable if it is graphical. So, if you want yours posts should get consideration, include photos and videos with your twitter as often as possible.

Work has been increased with the addition of Twitter in-stream previews of images. People who spend more can get more retweets, favorites and click-throughs. How much big the visual content is that much big the engagement is.

Short and Simple Text Message

Simple and clear message convey better. To increase business, some business owner advertises their product and services with huge text in Twitter, but huge text does not mean covey their message, clearly. For anyone who wants to convey their message through twitter, place the text message which should look clear, simple and understandable. Message should be that much appealing to attract followers.

Text Quality in limited Words

Twitter providers limited words to convey your message. It only provides 140 limited words to convey you message that limited words should be so much appealing to capture the audience’s attention and can convince them to jump into your conversation. Although, audience already get huge social updates, they don’t get time to read dummy texts, your right words can make or break the connection with them.

Ask Interesting Questions

When we meet to someone first time, what all things we ask?

We ask, what’s your name? What do you do? How did you like the keynote?

So, when you convey with someone first time, ask them about themselves. Twitter users always like to share their feelings, so why not provide them a chance to express their feelings?

For proper attention, ask some interesting questions like; some products, services, shops, jewellery, etc, as per yours interest.

Share Curated Text

Outstanding text increases your engagement, but that doesn’t mean you have to commit all of your time making it from scratch. You can take content from different sites and share them with your audience. Give your points and suggestions on them; give a constant voice and expression that you’re skilled in your field.

Continuous Taking

To get the good result of taking, continue it till end. Good taking does not start with thank you and end with welcome. To continue the taking, discuss on different topics, ask different questions, and give suggestion on others queries that will always engage all followers in giving response.

Always Check the Followers

Every day, at least 5-6 times, check for new mentions, retweets, or favorites. While doing this, you will give fast and clear response to your followers which increase the probability of long conversations.


It is very much true that simple and clear conversation always increases the followers. How much clearly and quickly followers understand your message that much fast your will get good response, till end.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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