How to get more local facebook fans

If, you have a plan to do small business using Facebook or you have already set-up a small business; in both cases you definitely need to get some idea to make good relationship with local Facebook users and need to increase your marketing skills to good and honest customers.

For any small business, it is not necessary to find good people around the country or world, you can get them locally. Facebook is a perfect place to increase your brand awareness in front of yours followers. Locally, when you give more attention on Facebook marketing effort will increase visibility of others towards you.

This article will help you in leaving good impression on others (company, friends, businessman, etc…) to catch and like you on Facebook.

Locally set the business name and location using Page Settings

If you like to reach more and more local people and like them to see and communicate with you very easily? Do some changes in Settings, Page Info page (inside the location and business area).

To do so, login to the Facebook account and go to the Settings Page Info tab. In two places you have to do changes; “Business Name” and “Location” (should be your personalized Facebook web address). This “personalized Facebook web address” helps others locally in finding and communicating you very easily.

In page info page, how much you give your local information that much others will attract towards you and your business. With your business name give the keyword related to the product/services on which you are doing business and also ensures that your phone number and address are in front/center.

Audience Insights feature

Facebook Audience Insights feature facilitates you to know what your audience like the most, so that, you can share only those things with them on which they are interested the most, like this you can attract audience towards you.

To get Audience Insights, go to the Build Audience at the top right corner of your page and select Use Ads Manager. From the result page, choose Audience Insights from the left sidebar and then go to the create Audience page, click on Location to get information about your audience’s preferences and demographics. It also finds your fan’s interests.

Change Customer into Facebook fan

If your customer base is very strong – it is really good, try to pull them towards your Facebook brand page and make them to become fan of your page. One customer can open door to welcome many customers towards your page that can increase your local visibility.

Achieving this goal is not so difficult, just asks them review and Likes you Facebook page. Give some offers and discount coupons to your fans or host a giveaway on your page

Motivate fans towards Facebook Check-Ins

For Facebook marketing, it is not necessary to increase only Facebook fans and customers, also to get right Facebook fans and customers. Getting right Facebook fans and customers are possible by motivating them to check-ins on Facebook whenever they like to visit your store.

This check-ins process is beneficial, because when your friend visit your store, your friend of friend see him by visiting and buying things from there. Your Friend judgment is more important than others.

Help to others Local Business

In reality, how helping human nature increases their fans. Similarly, Facebook Fans also increase through their helping nature to help others local businesses, like this; any businessman does help in increasing others local business, but in actual mean they increase their own local business and fans.

Share your photo and good content

Anywhere, like; Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Naukri, timesjob, etc… you can see your photograph and content makes the things live. Similarly, if you are doing small business through Facebook, your photo and content can visualize yourself in better way in front of your fans and customers. Social media name presents that how much you are social that much you will become popular and that much you will be successful in your work (you do through social media sites).


For your local business on Facebook, encourage your near and dear to see and purchase your brand. Follow all above tricks to make local fans and customers into Facebook fans. How much your fans will increase that much your band popularity increases.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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