The Best Reasons for Facebook Passion

Millions of people, every day paly with Facebook to keep in touch with close friends and family, organize events, accept news, and play games. Moreover, Facebook is a valuable and pleasant technique to communicate with others online. But, some users say that it has become a passion for them and it is difficult to log-out even after they have been on for hours.

What is the reason behind user’s Facebook passion? This article will help by providing a list of possible reasons for Facebook passion.

Reasons for Facebook Passion

Simple Interface Makes Us Happy

Simple Interface of Facebook permits users to communicate with their closest friends and family. Facebook Posts are generally short and sweet – both to type and to read. Using status update feature, user updates goes very fast to all the Facebook friends. A short comment on picture or clicking on “like”, make others happy. Dead Relationships, user can make it live on Facebook.

Simultaneously, Share Personal Information and Emotions

Facebook facilitates users to share personal information or emotions with others more efficiently and potentially than other forms of online communication. For example, rather than opening number of mails to see friends shared pictures, it’s better to share them on Facebook, Facebook facilitates users to see number of friends shared photos and posts tougher and user can comment on those photos instantly.

Feeds Our Unsurprisingly Unhealthy Natures

In our daily life, eating food and getting worldwide information is our basic need, just like this getting our nearer and dearer information is also our basic needs. Worldwide, people are social animal or natural viewer – very curious to know that what others are doing and saying, for them Facebook is a right place which keeps information with safety and privacy. It also facilitates to “spy” their information. It is very much true, we all are interested in interfering around our friend’s page to see what they were doing on a particular day, who they were with, who said what about him or her, or who they are friends with.

Place to Know Our Personality

In this world, there are so many people who do not know that what qualities are they have, and who their overall personality is? Facebook is a place to share your-self and get feedback from others. Your friend comments and suggestions make you to increase and you’re your quality and personality. People small effort on post and pictures provide a large investment return in the form of comments, or even better, compliments. This system of reinforcement is very seductive and may help to explain why people become passionate to Facebook.

Returns old Memories

Facebook facilitates users to reconnect with old friends (child-hood, school and college). Sometime because of some reasons people do not get time to keep in touch with their old friends, but after some time when they get time they really want to communicate with their old friends. Facebook is a best place to return your old memories and friends then why not people become passionate about Facebook.

Keep in Touch with Family

One of the most interesting characteristics of Facebook is how it makes easy to keep in touch with family. If family members are living very far away from your place then too don’t worry, Facebook facilitates to quickly chat with or receive updates from them. Truly, Facebook makes easier to stay connected to those we care about. There are other communication mediums but among them Facebook is a best communication tool for families.

Comes as a Mood Booster

At present, things are very fast and people get so much work which becomes a reason of stress, depression and tension. Facebook users said that they use it to feel well when they are depressed, stressed, or anxious. It is really a mood booster to refresh our mood while seeing and chatting with friend and families and also seeing laughter stuffs shared on Facebook page.

Makes Us to Become a Part of an Exciting World

Facebook has become a communication medium to communicate with an exciting world. It facilitates to become a group politics, business, celebrities, people in powerful positions and your outside friends which make you famous all over world. Before joining Facebook you were only a common man but after joining it you have become famous. Now, no one has to talk on phone to spread their communication link, only use a simple and easy Facebook to do that.

Social Requirements Fulfil in Digital Form

Facebook fulfil social needs though relationships with friends, family, lovers, and other people. Users or social organizations can place their requirements through Facebook weather requirement relates to donation, physical help, or emotional help. In this world, there are so many people who are very social by nature, help to the needful people without any cost.


All above reasons are logical and touch the heath of Facebook lovers, then why not people to become passionate to use Facebook. It’s true, Facebook fulfils personal and social needs and makes us to come-out of stress, tension and depression.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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Updated on: 21-Apr-2022


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