Satellites Launched by India


The following table lists down the major satellites launched by India −

Mission Launching Vehicle Year Discipline
Aryabhatta Interkosmos-II 1975 Earth Sciences Space Physics
Bhaskara Sega-I Modified SS-5 1979 Astronomy, Communications, Engineering, Earth Sciences
Rohini RS-1 SLV-3-E2 1980 Earth Sciences
APPLE Ariane-1 (V-3) 1981 Communications
Bhaskara -II Modified SS-5 1981 Engineering Earth Sciences
INSAT-1A Delta 3910 PAM-D 1982 Communications
INSAT-1D Delta 4925 1990 Communications Earth Sciences
SROSS-C ASLV-D3 1992 Astronomy Earth Sciences Space Physics
IRS-P2 PSLV-D2 1994 Earth Sciences
IRS-1D PSLV-C1 1997 Earth Sciences
OceanSat-1 (IRS-P4) PSLV-C2 1999 Earth Sciences
INSAT-3B Ariane-5G 2000 Communications
GSAT-1 (GramSat-1) GSLV-D1 2001 Communications Engineering
TES PSLV-C3 2001 Earth Sciences
Kalpana-1 (MetSat-1) PSLV-C4 2002 Earth Sciences
GSAT-2 (GramSat-2) GSLV-D2 2003 Communications
ResourceSat-1 (IRS-P6) PSLV-C5 2003 Earth Sciences
GSAT-3 (EduSat) GSLV-F01 2004 Communications
CartoSat-1 PSLV-C6 2005 Earth Sciences
HamSat PSLV-C6 2005 Communications
SRE-1 PSLV-C7 2007 Engineering
IMS-1 (Indian MiniSatellite-1 or, (Third World Satellite) PSLV-C9 2008 Earth Sciences
Chandrayaan-1 PSLV-C11 2008 Planetary Sciences
RISAT-2 PSLV-C12 2009 Earth Sciences
AnuSat-1 PSLV-C12 2009 Communications
OceanSat-2 PSLV-C14 2009 Earth Sciences
StudSat (STUDent SATellite) PSLV-C15 2010 Earth Sciences
ResourceSat-2 PSLV-C16 2011 Earth Sciences Technology Applications
YouthSat (IMS-2) PSLV-C16 2011 Solar Physics Space Physics
GSAT-8 (GramSat-8, or INSAT-4G) Ariane-5 VA-202 2011 Communications
Megha-Tropiques PSLV-C18 2011 Earth Sciences
Jugnu PSLV-C18 2011 Earth Sciences Technology Applications
SRMSat PSLV-C18 2011 Earth Sciences Technology Applications
SARAL PSLV-C20 2013 Earth Sciences
IRNSS-1A PSLV-C22 2013 Navigation/Global Positioning
Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) (Mangalyaan-1) PSLV-C25 2013 Planetary Science
IRNSS-1B PSLV-C24 2014 Navigation/Global Positioning
GSAT-16 Ariane-5 2014 Communications
Astrosat PSLV-C30 2015 Space Sciences
GSAT-15 Ariane 5 VA-227 2015 Communications
IRNSS-1E PSLV-C31 2016 Navigation/Global Positioning
SathyabamaSat PSLV-C34 2016 Technology Applications
Swayam-1 PSLV-C34 2016 Communications Technology Applications
Pratham PSLV-C35 2016 Technology Applications
INS-1A (ISRO Nano-Satellite 1A) PSLV-C37 2017 Technology Applications