Factors Influencing Intrinsic Motivation

Actions prompted by a person's satisfaction serve as an instance of intrinsically inspired. In intrinsic inspiration, the urge to do behavior is not driven by the anticipation of an incentive or a certain result but rather by the pleasure one derives from performing the behavior itself. Independence, meaning, and expertise are the three pillars upon which intrinsically inspired rests. When individuals receive autonomy, see that their activities are making a difference, and get personal fulfillment from their increasing levels of competence, they are organically driven. Extrinsic inspiration, in which a person acts to get or avoid some external incentive or punishment, may be compared to and contrasted with the intrinsic drive that comes from inside.

Explaining Factors Influencing Intrinsic Motivation

One is said to be intrinsically driven when one engages in an activity just because they find it pleasurable. The actions one is doing are driven only by internal factors rather than by the prospect of material or social benefit. That does not imply that there are no benefits to engaging in actions that inspire people; these benefits consist of making the recipient happy. Emotions like these may be triggered by engaging in activities that provide a sense of purpose, such as attending a church service or helping at a local charity. As one sees one's efforts paying off, one may feel a feeling of accomplishment, and when one acquires new knowledge or improve one's skills, one may experience a sense of competency.

Factors Influencing Intrinsic Motivation in Daily Life

It includes −

Education − Education professionals have found that exploring the concept of intrinsically inspired is crucial. Instructors and curriculum developers work hard to make classrooms interesting and engaging in their own right. Furthermore, many conventional models assume that most learners find schoolwork dull and need extra inspiration to complete assignments. When individuals "engage in it for their enjoyment, and not to obtain some additional bonus as well as avoid something exterior penalty," we say that activity is achievement-oriented. Activities with this quality may be described in many ways, such as delightful, fascinating, entertaining, intriguing, and intrinsically.

Personal − Numerous situations arise naturally that illustrate the power of the intrinsic drive. Intrinsically inspired refers to the desire to do something for its own sake rather than for external incentives. Despite external variables like money and perks, one gives it all at work since one finds meaning and happiness in one's job and the work itself. It is possible that one does not worry about the neighbors' opinions of one's town's appearance because one like growing and seeing one's gardening flourish. Perhaps one dresses well not to attract attention but to represent oneself and one's appreciation of fashion. Acts inspired only by a desire to satisfy one's own needs are instances of intrinsically inspired.

Factors Influencing Intrinsic Motivation

Following are the major factors that influence intrinsic motivation −

  • Aim of the person − When workers gather for significant objectives, and when success is within reach but not guaranteed, they experience a greater surge in inspiration. If they have access to comments on their achievement, these objectives may also pertain to their sense of self-worth.

  • Control on the behavior − It is human nature to want agency over one's life and to shape one's circumstances and goals accordingly.

  • Competition − Individuals are more inclined to be inspired by their intrinsic drives when they may get some personal enjoyment from their actions. This is especially true if they can hold up their work in a positive light compared to others.

  • Curiosity − When something in a person's external world piques their interest, it might spark a surge of intrinsic drive. Similarly, this phenomenon occurs when the action piques the participant's curiosity.

  • Potentia − Offering perks that are not required might have unintended consequences, say experts. As much as we would want to believe it, it is not always true that providing an incentive would increase a child's confidence, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. Children lose interest and incentive to play with objects they already love when they are paid for doing so, even if the items are ones they like. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that many circumstances might affect the degree to which external incentives boost or reduce intrinsic drive. The salience, or relevance, of the incident itself is typically a major factor. The victor of a sports event may see their incentive as proof of their skill and uniqueness. However, the same incentive may be seen by other sportsmen as an attempt to bribe or coerce them. The degree to which the incentive affects the individual's intrinsic desire to engage in the activity depends on the significance of various aspects of the occasion.

  • Passion − As cliché as it sounds, 'Passion' is the driving force behind today's successful individuals, even when they are just starting. Passion is an innate human trait and a great motivator for getting things done. Their passions mostly drive a person's behavioral intention.

  • Honour − People have been inspired to act because they want to make a beneficial effect of preserving their respect and pride. Nothing else matters as much as one's feeling of pride and dignity.

  • Stability − To both of us, the motto "consistency is life" is a powerful source of inspiration. Indeed, we need it just as much. A firm foundation is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance while pursuing one's true calling. Thus, we have an innate drive to achieve that steadiness.


One likely accomplishes many things in one's personal life because he/she is inspired to do them. These are crucial components of a healthy lifestyle, and we risk missing out on life's basic joys if we devote ourselves only to earning a living. Learning to recognize and balance one's own internal and external drives is a valuable skill.