Does over thinking cause depression?

While over thinking is a major cause of depression, it is also an after – effect. Imagine what would happen if you shut yourself in a room for days together, and just think about yourself; about your future; about your well being; about your state of mind in future and so on. What would happen then? Will you be able to go to a party or go for a movie? Probably No. In fact, you will feel listless and uninterested in anything.

Is Over Thinking the Only Cause of Depression?

While overthinking is one of the causes of depression, it is not the only cause of mood disorder. There may be other causes like hereditary factors, lack of pleasant company and so on. Is everyone who thinks a lot gets into the trap of depression?

Fortunately, not everyone who is an ardent thinker is depressed. This is because a person may be thinking more than required at a time. For example, you visit a doctor and get diagnosed with a mild cough. Your mother sitting miles away calls you every hour and asks you about your well being. It does not mean that she is depressed but she is just thinking continuously about you.

Thus, it is significant that one does not confuse thinking more with the cause of depression every time.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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