Do you consider popularity and being something special is an important goal for teens?

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Teenage is the special age in one's life. The stepping out of childhood and entering the dream world of adolescence is a beautiful experience of a person's life. This is the age where kids feel that they know everything and can do anything they want and will not have any fears and apprehensions.

They feel they are special and nobody is equal to them. This is all the adrenaline and the growth hormones that work on their body and mind. They do not want to be called children anymore. They imitate adults but are not mature enough to be called an adult.

Any person on the earth will look beautiful in their teenage, out of their entire life. They look themselves in the mirror and feel they are something special and nobody has passed through that period except them.

For a teenager, it is the desire to be identified as a grownup and feeling special in the peer group is desperately important. As long as it does not turn out to arrogance and bullying others, it is fine if they feel special. It is in one way healthy and necessary for a teenager to feel important because that boosts up their confidence and courage to face the adult world.

Published on 14-Dec-2018 10:29:15