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There are plenty of web resources out there, but here we will highlight the top four resources for learning content marketing in a holistic manner. Since content marketing includes the whole gamut from content creation, search engine optimization and data analysis, the resources included here also have specialization in one or two of these areas.

Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi is the enigmatic founder of CMI - the most relevant and important online resource for learning what content marketing is and how to use it for your business. You can listen to podcasts, register for a webinar, read articles and its monthly magazine, or even take an online course with CMI to learn everything there’s to know about content marketing.


This is a website that every search engine marketer needs to refer to, at least three times a day. It is a place to learn search engine marketing and its related aspects such as link building, Google Algorithm, on-page optimization, social media strategies, and a lot more. Additionally, it offers excellent tools like Open Site Explorer and MozBar that help you to measure and track your content marketing success.


A godsend for content writers and editors, this is the ultimate website when it comes to finding the most useful tips and strategies on creating content that engages and sells. From writing the best copy for your landing pages, coming up with crisp titles for your blogposts, to creating killer video scripts; you will find the most helpful tips on anything and everything concerning content marketing and copywriting here.


QuickSprout is a well-known blog owned and run by Neil Patel, whom Forbes hails as one of the top ten online marketers in the world. His blog is a must read for all content marketers, as it gives handy tips on different aspects of online marketing. What makes it special is its data-driven approach, where Neil backs up his examples with data and analysis. This is a good place to learn how data synergizes with your content marketing efforts.

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