Content Marketing - Web Apps

What are Web-based Applications?

Though mobile apps are in the trend, you should not limit yourself to these. You should also create web-based applications, which are built to serve a specific use and customer base; and can be accessed from desktops, laptops, and even mobiles.

Web Applications for Content Marketing

You can create web-based applications that are mobile responsive and market them on specific marketplaces such as Chrome Web Store. You can also host these web-based applications on your website to help your customers tackle a problem or complete a task. For instance, let’s assume your company sells insurance policies. You could create a custom application such as a tax calculator, which will calculate the tax savings of users who want to take a certain policy. Customers can download these applications and use them when they want, with or without an internet connection.

You need to develop a web-based application if it helps your customers complete a task they perform on a daily basis. Web-based applications bring in new customers onboard as they sign-up or download these applications. It also helps in retaining existing customers, while positioning you as a thought leader in the industry.

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