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How to Use Social Media Channels

Social media promotion has become an essential part of any content marketing strategy today. This includes B2B and B2C marketing aspects and covers different social media channels such as social sharing networks, video channels, photo sharing sites, online communities, and more.

Among the different social media channels, some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Quora. However, they are all similar yet different from each other. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the prime social network channels. Facebook, with more than a billion users, is used by most, if not all, of your customers. Twitter is another tool that is equally effective when it comes to reaching out to your customers. That being said, let’s look at how you can optimize these channels:

  • Share interesting but brief content such as compelling messages or shareable pictures.

  • Consider posting contests and giveaways.

  • Use hashtags generously but always be relevant to the context.

  • Cover industry events, well-edited images, interesting quotes, and whatever you think works with your audience.

Youtube & Vimeo

Youtube and Vimeo are video channels where you can store your videos online and allow people to embed them on their websites and blogs. Let’s look at how you can optimize your business using these channels:

  • Always allow embedding of your videos as you want as many people to share them as possible.

  • Create short videos and unlike a 10 minute long-drawn story, show snippets of scenes stitched together in a 1 to 2 minute video.

  • Make videos about customers and their problems, not about your company.

Instagram & Flickr

Instagram and Flickr are the most prominent photo sharing sites on the internet. Let’s look at how you can use these channels to market your content:

  • Drive back traffic to your website by linking relevant call to action button in your images and photos.

  • Try sharing not only official content but photos that bring out your brand’s personality. A kind of ‘behind the scenes’ image of your company.

  • Build a strong community by asking your followers to post photos for a contest.

Pinterest & Quora

Pinterest and Quora are basically online communities and among the largest today. Let’s look at how you can utilize these channels:

  • With Pinterest, don’t just post images and pictures. You can even pin videos and landing pages, so that customers are encouraged to interact with your website’s actual content.

  • As for Quroa, it’s all about asking the right questions and answering them correctly. You should also follow topics and people who can influence your customers to buy your product or service.

Benefits of Using Social Media Channels

The explosion of social media in the last decade has changed the way we interact with each other online. This has also changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. As a result, social media marketing helps your business in many ways such as:

  • Build you brand reputation and recognition among potential buyers.

  • Drive traffic to your websites, which can lead to sales.

  • Gives small-to-medium size businesses a level playing field, where they can still get customers even if they do not rank in search engines.

  • Allows you to directly interact with customers and understand their problems better.

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