Content Marketing - Podcasts

Podcast and webinars are spectacular pieces of content that can be easily consumed, by an audience, without any hassles. Unlike an online video, customers can listen to your podcast or webinar anytime, whether they’re driving or jogging. That being said, both podcasts and webinars can use videos. However, audio podcasts are more popular and preferred by most people, while a webinar typically is accompanied by online presentations.

In this chapter, we try to learn about podcasts. The next chapter should cover webinars in respect with content marketing.

What are Podcasts?

A podcast is primarily a one-way communication, where you pre-record a discussion on a topic that will interest your customers, and then release it for your audience.

Tips to create a successful Podcast

  • You can create a podcast out of your existing videos such as those with a presentation or speech. Simply remove the visuals and capture only the audio.

  • Research on what kind of podcast you want to create. Listen to some podcasts and see if you like the casual and conversation style or the more formal business meeting kind of talk show.

  • Keep your podcasts short enough to be engaging and long enough to be useful. A 30-minute podcast is pretty much the standard.

  • Do not forget to plan and make notes of what topics and things you will be discussing in your podcast. This helps you to stay focused and not stray from the main topic.

  • You can also add music to the opening and closing of your podcast but always use licensed music, as you don’t want any lawsuits.

Benefits of Using Podcasts

  • A podcast is a great tool to talk to your target audience and can be a great community-building tool.

  • You can distribute the podcasts as an RSS feed on your website or on podcast directories such as iTunes.

  • The best thing about podcasts is that you can take any existing content that you have such as a presentation, video, or even a blogpost and then re-hash it to create a script for your podcast.