Content Marketing - Lifecycle Emails

What are Lifecycle Emails?

Lifecycle emails are basically permission-based emails that offer value to your customers. When your customers sign-up for your product or service, you can prompt them for these email subscriptions.

eNewsletters are typically distributed weekly or monthly. Let’s look at when and why you can send these emails.

How do Lifecycle Emails Work?

These are emails with educational content in them for new customers. By educational content, we mean certain insights, strategies, or know-how’s that you as a business offer to your customers in order help them with their tasks.

For instance, let’s say you are an eLearning company which sells training software to companies. You can create lifecycle emails, which provide your customers with helpful strategies in overcoming training-related challenges such as reducing costs and saving employee work-hours. You can spread these life-cycle emails over the course of a week, month, or even a year.

Benefits of Using Lifecycle Emails

The benefits of circulating lifecycle emails are manifold. Since lifecycle emails are targeted for your new customers, their primary goal is to drive your sales funnel. However, you are not directly pitching your customers a product or a service. Instead, you are trying to offer them value, so that they look at you as thought leaders in the industry. In that sense, it is more of brand building but one that gently pushes your customers towards a sale.

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