Content Marketing - Case Studies

Both whitepapers and case studies are primarily B2B marketing content, however there is a thin line of difference in the way they work.

What is a Case Study?

Case studies feature a client story, narrating how a client used your product or service to achieve its business goals.

  • A case study is typically a first-person narrative written in the form of a story.

  • It is a testimonial which relates a real-life event.

  • It is written in a simple format telling readers about a certain company‚Äôs challenges, solutions and results, at times using direct quotes from the company.

Purpose of Writing a Case Study

A case study is basically trust-building content. It is created with the intent to build your credibility and trust among your customers by sharing a real-life story. For instance, if your company sells training software and solutions to other companies, then a possible case study might feature how a certain company used your tools to bring down its training costs and save time. You can market this case study as a press announcement, email campaign, and even host this content on a particular landing page of your website.

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