Cheese Alternatives

What is Cheese?

Cheese is a food which is made from curdled milk. When milk curdles, it forms an acid curd and a watery substance called whey which is a watery fluid. When the fluid separated, the remaining curd is the cheese. Milk can curdle naturally or you can add lemon juice, vinegar, or other such ingredients to curdle it. Cheese is a source of different nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B12, and many more.

Why Cheese Alternatives?

Cheese is an important part of the diet but some people are unable to consume it due to the disadvantages listed below −

  • Cheese contains lactose and some people are lactose intolerant

  • People having an allergy to milk cannot consume cheese as they may face digestive problems

  • Eating too much cheese can lead to weight gain

  • Cheese can lead to heart disease due to the presence of saturated fats

  • Cheese can lead to heart disease due to the presence of saturated fats

How to choose a Cheese Alternative?

Cheese has many benefits but people intolerant to the substances present in it can look for alternatives. Cheese has the following benefits which should be provided by alternatives −

  • Prevent osteoporosis

  • A good source of calcium which is beneficial for dental health

  • Gain weight

  • Has protein and vitamin 12

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Can prevent common cancers

Top 10 Cheese Alternatives

There are many alternatives to cheese and we will discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 – Cashew Cheese

Cashew cheese is considered as one of the best alternatives to regular cheese. It is a non-dairy product which is made by blending cashew nuts with water, yeast, and seasonings. The cashew cheese has a salty and nutty flavor. The consistency of the cheese is similar to ricotta and hummus cheese.

Alternative 2 – Mature vegan Cheddar

Mature cheddar cheese is the one that has been aged for at least six months. The aging develops a sharp taste which people can enjoy in their food. The cheese is made with miso and soya yoghurt which helps in developing a great taste. The cheese is not hard and can be a good accompaniment to sandwiches and burgers. If you want to grate it then it should be frozen.

Alternative 3 – MozzaRisella

MozzaRisella is a vegan cheese that easily melts on pizzas. The taste of the cheese is great whether it is cooked or uncooked. The cheese can also be used in salads. The taste of the cheese is mild and creamy. The taste of the cheese can be enhanced by adding oregano. It has the same texture as the regular mozzarella cheese. Sprouted brown rice is used to make the cheese.

Alternative 4 – Sweet Potato Sauce

Sweet Potato Sauce is another great vegan alternative to regular cheese. The sweet potatoes have to be made and other ingredients like carrot, lemon juice, onions, and white beans should be added. This more has to be seasoned with salt and pepper and the creamy replacement for cheese is ready.

Alternative 5 – Vegan Camembert

Vegan Camembert is a cheese whose look and taste are similar to its original counterpart. The cheese is treated with Penicillium candidum to give it a sharp taste. Five ingredients are used to make this cheese. Cashew is used as a base to make the cheese. After mixing other ingredients, the mixture is left to get matured for several weeks.

Alternative 6 – Tofu

Tofu is a vegan cheese and an alternative to mozzarella. Tofu can be used to garnish homemade pizza. Tofu is easily available in grocery stores and it has different flavors and spices. Tofu does not melt in the same way as regular cheese so it can be used as a replacement for meat protein. You can add tofu to enhance the consistency of vegetarian dishes.

Alternative 7 – Vegan Cottage Cheese

Vegan cottage cheese is very delicious and is made with tofu as the base. The creamy texture and flavor are provided to the cheese by adding milk and cashews. The cheese is easy to make and it will provide you the same satisfaction which you can get by consuming original cottage cheese. It can be used to make healthy breakfasts and appetizers.

Alternative 8 – Hummus

Hummus is considered as one of the tasty replacements for cheese. Hummus can be spread on bread and can also act as a sauce for making pizza and pasta. The food has a creamy texture and salty taste. Hummus can be easily found in most of grocery stores. It is available in different types of flavors.

Alternative 9 – Zucchini Cheese

Zucchini Cheese can be an alternative to regular as well as cashew cheese. If you are allergic to nuts or have lactose intolerance, you can go for Zucchini cheese. This cheese can be a part of salad or snacks. The cheese can be made by steaming zucchini and adding other ingredients like yeast, coconut oil, lemon juice, and gelatin. The mixture should be kept in a refrigerator. After some hours, it should be taken out and sliced.

Alternative 10 – Tahini Spread

Tahini Spread is a delicious replacement for cheese. It can be easily made at home by using a few ingredients. The food can be added to sandwiches, salads, burgers, and many others. The texture of Tahini spread is creamy and sesame seeds and olive oil is used to make it. Sesame seeds have to be ground and then olive oil should be added to make the spread


Cheese is a healthy food which is used in the main course. Different types of chase are available which can be used in pizzas burgers, sandwiches, and many others Cheese has some disadvantages like high calories, not good for lactose intolerants, leads to weight gain, and many others. There are many cheese alternatives which can be used for toppings and accompaniments to salads, sandwiches, etc.

Updated on: 16-May-2023


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