Can body language be taught?

Hand movements or facial expressions and other movements of the body used for communication is called body language. In fact, Merriam Webster Dictionary defines body language as, ”the gestures, movements, and mannerisms by which a person or animal communicates with others.”

Learning Body Language

  • Posture: Sitting and standing straight show confidence.

  • Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact which is a sign of interest shown for the speaker.

  • Hand Shake: Firm handshakes show consent and agreement. Thus, one should always look straight into the eyes and shake hands.

  • Leaning: A leaned body posture does not attract anyone. So, it should always be avoided.

  • Taking Notes: It shows we value what others say. So, it is advisable to take notes if you are in a meeting.

  • Tapping: Do not tap your feet as it irritates others.

The significance of Body Language

It has to be kept in mind what actions one does to avoid him/her to be belittled in others eyes. Certainly, body language can be taught. It is not rocket science, which requires exceptionally well-built intellect.

In the present era, we can't deny the significance of body language. The growing importance of soft skills in interviews and many professions have made it exceptionally vital. Hence, one’s key aim should be to be acquainted with it in whatever way one can.