Calendly Alternatives

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a freemium software that helps you in managing your time. There are situations where you have to face different challenges like scheduling meetings, managing your calendar, dealing with incoming and outgoing emails and a lot more. This juggling may also lead to error and in such a case,

Calendly software can help you. This is a cloud-based app which you can use to schedule meetings with your clients easily. The software allows you to create events and book an appointment for meetings.

You can also define your free time on the app. There will not be any conflict in the appointments if you use this app.

Cost of Calendly

Calendly provides five plans and you can avail of one of them to use the app. These plans and prices can be found in the table below −


Price in US dollars










Contact the company

Why Calendly Alternatives?

The software has a few disadvantages which are listed below −

  • Setting work hours can be difficult

  • The app occasionally crashes

  • The app is basic and has limited features

  • Integrations are limited

  • Few customization options

  • Customer service is not available

  • Multiple calendars cannot be integrated

How to choose a Calendly Alternative?

Calendly has many features and benefits that should exist in the alternative of your choice. Some of these benefits are listed below −

  • User friendly

  • Meeting preferences can be scheduled easily

  • Automated workflows

  • Communication between clients and teams can be improved

  • Back-and-forth emails can be eliminated

Top 10 Calendly Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Calendly software and some of them are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Sprintful

Sprintful is an online scheduling platform which you can use by configuring the appointments settings. You have to set up the duration of the meeting number of participants, and optional pricing. Multiple meeting types are supported by the tool which includes

  • One-to-one meeting

  • Group meetings

  • Business meetings

The app can be integrated easily with Google, Office 365, and Outlook. Integration can also be made with apps like Zoom, Zapier, and many more.


  • Very flexible software

  • Can handle small and large teams

  • Affordable


  • On-premise deployment is not supported


The tool comes with a trial version for seven days. Then you have to purchase the plan as per your requirement and budget. The pricing plans can be found in the table below


Price in US Dollars


$9 per month


$19 per month


$49 per month


Per quote

Alternative 2 – is a software application that you can use to set up your availability. You can customize meeting durations, meeting buffers, meeting at short notice, and many more. Link for the meeting can be sent through email or can be embedded on your website. Meeting will be added to your calendar automatically after a client accepts the time slot. The app can be integrated with Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, Salesforce, and many more.


  • The tool is affordable

  • It comes with a lot of features

  • It has custom branding and custom domain features


  • No integration with enterprise infrastructure systems like SSO or SAML


  • The price offered by this tool is $10 per month

Alternative 3 – HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a sales software that has the feature of email tracking, email templates, meetings, email scheduling, and many more. Your calendar has to be synced to HubSpot and then a meeting link should be created which you can embed on your website to share with the participants. Different types of meetings can be arranged which include round robin meeting, group meeting, and many more.


  • The platform is easy to use

  • Can be integrated with different apps


  • The plans are quite expensive


The pricing plans can be found in the table below −


Price in US dollars




$50 per user per month


$500 per 5 users per month


$1200 per 10 users per month

Alternative 4 – Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales productivity application which has a good number of useful features. Some of these features include −

  • Email tracking

  • Templates

  • Email sequences

  • Customer relationship management

The one-click scheduling feature is available which can be used to schedule works. You can customize your days and set up your availability for a meeting. You also have the option of adding links to websites, emails, and social profiles. Mixmax can integrate with Salesforce.


  • User interface is appreciative

  • The tool is easy to use


  • No integration with users

  • The plans are expensive

Alternative 5 – MeetingBird

MeetingBird is a simple tool which can be used for scheduling meetings. It has an extension for Google Chrome which can be used to schedule meetings at a faster pace in Gmail. Different types of meetings can be scheduled through this tool. Some other features include −

  • Email notification customization

  • Time zone detection

  • Reminders

The tool can work with Google Calendar and can be integrated with Zoom, Zapier, and other tools.


  • User interface is simple

  • Meeting scheduling can be automated

  • Easy integration with different apps


  • No support for iCal accounts

  • Does not support round robin scheduling


Pricing plans can be found in the table below −


Price in US dollars

Free Forever



$9 per user per month

Alternative 6 – is a software that comes with the feature of virtual polling. There are a lot of customization options available in this tool. You can change the duration of the meeting, and location also. The tool also has reporting functionality and ability.


  • Create sub and shared calendars

  • Meeting notifications through SMS

  • Scheduling pages can be labeled


  • New features are released mostly in beta


The tool offers a free trial for 14 days. After that, users have to purchase a plan whose price can be found in the table below −


Price in US dollars


$6 per user per month


$8 per user per month

Alternative 7 – Doodle

Doodle is a tool that you can use to create meetings and times can be proposed. The participants have to pick up a time suitable for them. Doodle is a popular alternative to Calendly. As you can schedule meeting with the participants living in different time zones. Email provider compatibility is not required.


  • Get a snapshot of the availability of time

  • Can be integrated with calendar providers

  • No registration needed to use the tool


  • Advanced features available in free plans only

  • Integration is limited


Doodle comes with a trial version of 14 days. After that, you have to choose one of its plans mentioned in the table below −


Price in US dollars




$10 per month


$150 per month

Alternative 8 – Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a software application which has been designed for small businesses. The tool is best for service-based companies whose main aim is to attract users to buy products. The tool helps companies to set up reminders for customers and employees. You can schedule video conferencing through the software.


  • Appointment scheduling is unlimited

  • Calendar widget is embeddable

  • Coupons and vouchers can be added quickly

  • SMS notifications are issued for the next appointment


  • Free plan is not available

  • All plans are branded

  • Only mid-tier has the feature of membership sales and subscriptions


The tool offers a trial of seven days after that you have to purchase any of the plans. The least expensive plan starts from $15 per month while the most expensive plan starts from $50 per month

Alternative 9 – Appointly

Appointly is a powerful tool and a good alternative to Calendly. You can create an event and send its scheduling link to the participants. The participants have to select a time from the available slots. The tool comes with many features like recurring appointments, preferred contact methods, and many more. The tool is mostly used by individuals rather than companies and teams.


  • Easy to use

  • Custom fields can be created

  • Free plan is fully featured


  • No team scheduling feature

  • Round robin option not available

  • Shared calendar view is not available


The tool offers a trial period of 14 days. Basic plan is available for free while the Pro plan has the price of $10 per month. Enterprise plan requires contacting the sales team. If you purchase it annually, you will get a 20 percent discount.

Alternative 10 – is a platform which individuals and businesses can use to schedule meetings and appointments. The tool is best for those companies that offer different types of products and services. You can create new appointments or reschedule existing ones. The platform also has a reporting system which will help you in tracking the things happening in your organization along with the location.


  • Excellent for businesses that regularly schedule online meetings

  • Review software is included to get feedback from customers

  • Payments are accepted from different gateways like PayPal, Square, and Stripe


  • Less features in comparison to competitors

  • Users need to learn how to use the software


  • is free to use.


Calendly is a software which organizations can use for scheduling meetings with customers and employees. The app has many disadvantages like crashing, limited features, unavailability of customer service, and many more. There are many alternatives to Calendly that can be easily set up and used. Some of them are cheaper than Calendly.

Updated on: 09-May-2023


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