Biology - Viral Diseases

  • The following table illustrates the diseases caused by virus −

Disease Name Organs Affected Transmission
Influenza Respiratory Tract Droplets
Adenovirus Infections Lungs, Eyes Droplets, Contact Droplets
Respiratory Syncytial Disease Respiratory Tract Droplets
Rhinovirus Infections Upper Respiratory Tract Droplets, Contact
Herpes Simplex Skin, Pharynx, Genital organs Contact
Chicken pox ( Varicella) Skin, Nervous System Droplets, Contact
Measles (Rubeola) Respiratory Tract, Skin Droplets, Contact
German Measles ( Rubella) Skin Droplets, Contact
Mumps (Epidemic Parotitis) Salivary Glands, Blood Droplets
Viral meningitis Headache
Small Pox (Variola) Skin, Blood Contact, Droplets
Warts Kawasaki Disease Skin
Yellow Fever Liver, Blood Mosquito
Dengue Fever Blood, Muscles Mosquito
Hepatitis A Liver Food, Water, Contact
Hepatitis B Liver Contact with body Fluids
NANB Hepatitis Liver Contact with body Fluids
Viral Gastroenteritis Intestine Food, Water
Viral Fevers Blood Contact, arthropods
Cytomegalovirus Disease Blood, Lungs Contact, Congenital transfer
Shingles (varicella zoster virus) Skin
AIDS T-lymphocytes Contact with body Fluids
Rabies Brain, Spinal cord Contact with body Fluids
Polio Intestine, Brain, Spinal Cord Food, Water, Contact
Slow Virus Disease Brain
Viral pneumonia infection in lung
Arboviral Enephalitis Brain Arthropods
Ebola Whole body bodily fluids