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How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Messenger

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 11:08:42
Have you ever wished to unplug from Facebook forever? Maybe only for a while? Here, I'll show you how to permanently erase or deactivate your Facebook and Messenger accounts.You may feel compelled to cancel your Facebook account in light of the social media site's mismanagement of user data. Up to 87 million Facebook users' information was inappropriately accessed, according to the social networking giant.During US President Donald Trump's campaign, Cambridge Analytica was able to steal data from millions of Facebook users in order to predict and influence how they would vote. Since then, the controversy has had a negative impact ... Read More

How to alter your IP and location with VPN?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 11:01:22
Whatever your motivation for utilizing a VPN, it always changes your IP address in the eyes of the outside world. And, because your IP determines your location for websites and online services, altering it implies changing your location.This is known as geo-spoofing and has a number of advantages, including maintaining your online privacy, gaining access to region-restricted information, and saving money by taking advantage of deals reserved for other nations.So, how exactly do you change your VPN location? What makes you think you'd want to do that? And what happens if it doesn't work? Continue reading for a step-by-step guide ... Read More

How to change NAT type on PC

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 10:52:24
If you've ever tried to administer a network, you know how difficult it can be, especially for a newbie. For some tasks, the ability to modify your network settings is critical. NAT is one way to control your network settings and security. You've just received that fantastic new game. Therefore it's time for a thrilling match with your pal. You connect and begin playing, but you quickly begin to lose points due to irritating slowness. One of the problems might be your NAT type therefore we'll show you how to alter it on your PC below.What exactly is NAT?NAT, or ... Read More

How Grinch bots steal your Christmas gifts

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 10:46:30
The Christmas season is a long-awaited time for some of us to let go of the gas pedal, relax with friends and family, and eat our weight in roasted meats. We devour our body weight in roasted meats with our friends and family.Relaxation, on the other hand, is the farthest thing from the minds of shopkeepers. The holidays may either make or break the whole retail year. Q4 accounts for 26.8% of total yearly retail sales across all verticals, which isn't much greater than an ordinary quarter.In certain industries, though, the holiday season is considerably more important. It accounts for ... Read More

How does the WannaCry malware work?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 10:38:17
Ransomware has grown in popularity as one of the most serious cyber threats to enterprises, providing a danger of financial loss, corporate instability, and reputational harm. This sort of malware employs sophisticated encryption algorithms that encrypt all files on a computer and prevent them from being accessed until a decryption key is provided. A ransom message is displayed on the device's screen, requesting that the victim pay a particular amount of money (typically in Bitcoin cryptocurrency) in exchange for the passkey (with no certainty of the malicious hackers keeping their promise). WannaCry ransomware was one of the most catastrophic cyber-attacks ... Read More

Different Encryption Algorithms

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 10:32:31
Security is a significant worry for anyone working in IT these days. While there are numerous strategies for safeguarding your data, encryption is one component of protection that every computer user should know. One of the cyber security topics is encryption, which is always in the news, and it's often criticized for disguising terrorist operations by political actors. Anyone with a basic understanding of the various forms of encryptions may believe that this remarkable technology, which is at the heart of internet security and privacy, is being misused.What Is an Encryption Algorithm?A component of electronic data transfer security is an ... Read More

Describe the types of DDoS attack

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 15-Mar-2022 10:17:59
What is a DoS attack?A denial-of-service attack is a type of cyber-attack where the perpetrator tries to make a network resource unavailable to its intended users by stopping the services of a host connected to the Internet for a certain length of time or indefinitely. Denial of service is often accomplished by flooding a targeted computer or resource with unnecessary requests that could cause systems to become overburdened, preventing any or all genuine requests from being fulfilled.In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the incoming traffic flooding the target comes from various places. This renders stopping the attack by just preventing ... Read More

Difference between Active Attack and Passive Attack

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 11:44:29
Active and Passive Attacks are security attacks that jeopardize the security of a system. Security attacks are basically the unauthorized actions that that are taken to destroy, change, or steal the sensitive information and data from the system. In an Active attack, an attacker tries to modify the content of the messages. On the other hand, in a Passive attack, an attacker observes the messages, copy them and may use them for malicious purposes. Read this article to find out more about Active and Passive attacks and how they are different from each other. Let's start with some basics of ... Read More