Difference between Active Attack and Passive Attack

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Active and Passive Attacks are security attacks. In Active attack, an attacker tries to modify the content of the messages. Whereas in Passive attack, an attacker observes the messages, copy them and may use them for malicious purposes.

Following are the important differences between Active Attack and Passive Attack.

Sr. No.KeyActive AttackPassive Attack
1ModificationIn Active Attack, information is modified.In Passive Attack, information remain unchanged.
2Dangerous ForActive Attack is dangerous for Integrity as well as Availability.Passive Attack is dangerous for Confidentiality.
3AttentionAttention is to be paid on detection.Attention is to be paid on prevention.
4Impact on SystemIn Active Attack, system is damaged.In Passive Attack, system has no impact.
5VictimVictim gets informed in active attack.Victim does not get informed in passive attack.
6System ResourcesSystem Resources can be changed in active attack.System Resources are not changed in passive attack.
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