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Why Businesses Need Ethical Hackers?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:38:48
IT security firms and ethical hackers have seen rapid expansion in response to the proliferation of cyber dangers brought on by rapid technological development. When the EC Council proposed the idea of ethical hacking in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, it was met with a range of reactions. The word "Ethical Hacking" is an oxymoron, and neither the public nor the media were prepared to embrace it at first. The EC Council defined it as a security measure for the networks. To keep sensitive data and systems safe from malicious hackers, "ethical hackers" adhere to a code ... Read More

Navigating the Intersection of AI and Cyber Security

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:36:27
The field of cybersecurity has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, as trained cybersecurity specialists utilize ever-more innovative methods to keep malicious actors away from their essential corporate assets. The field of artificial intelligence (AI), on the other hand, has been on a comparable high-flying trajectory for about a decade already. The field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are coming into direct contact more frequently than ever before, a meeting that is expected to have far-reaching repercussions worldwide. A study that was conducted by Cap Gemini in the previous year found that 63% of organizations have plans to ... Read More

All About Threat Hunting and the Skills You Need to Become One

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:34:01
Comprehensive threat management solutions are an absolute must for every IT professional's toolkit when it comes to the protection of systems, networks, and data; nevertheless, not everyone is aware of how to take preemptive actions against potential threats. When a potential threat has been recognized, a firewall, such as an intrusion detection system (IDS) or a security information and event management (SIEM) system, may start to carry out its duties. You will need to develop and execute a threat-hunting plan in order to provide enough protection for the information technology infrastructure of your company from malicious cyber actors. According to ... Read More

How CompTIA Certifications Can Help IT Professionals?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:27:54
The provision of independent IT certifications is an area in which CompTIA has established itself as the standard. The three certificates that are the most well-known are A+, Network+, and Security+. A CompTIA certification may help you stand out in the IT world, regardless of whether you are just starting in the field or are a seasoned veteran. CompTIA certifications are valuable since they are not dependent on a certain vendor's products. Nobody is required to remain loyal to a single vendor, whether it is Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, HP, or VMWare. It is a common misconception that acquiring a CompTIA ... Read More

How to Avoid Common BYOD Pitfalls at Work?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:22:15
Many businesses now adhere to the "bring your own device" (BYOD) policy, which states that employees are allowed to bring and make use of their own personal electronic devices for work-related reasons. Businesses that allow their workers to bring their own electronic devices to the office can save money since they do not have to provide their employees with mobile phones, computers, or tablets of their own. According to a survey that was published on Insight, the market for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies is anticipated to reach more than $360 billion by the year 2022. The implementation of regulations that allow ... Read More

Practical Steps to Successfully Eliminate Cyber Threats

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:20:18
Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever in today's interconnected society. With the prevalence of modern security risks, organizations must have a reliable protection system. We've all heard stories of companies that were hacked and had to pay hefty penalties or even went out of business as a result. There are far too many potential dangers to ignore, including ransomware and phishing, which might be disastrous to your livelihood if you do. The best way to protect yourself and your business from cybercriminals is to take precautions before they happen, and in this post, we'll show you 10 of the best ... Read More

What is a Trojan Malware? The Ultimate Guide

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:15:37
In computer security, a Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a malware that masquerades as benign software to get access to your system. A Trojan is a malicious program that may destroy, disrupt, steal, or otherwise inflict harm on your computer system or data. A Trojan pretends to be a legitimate program or file to deceive its target. Its purpose is to trick you into downloading and running malicious software on your computer or mobile device. Once a Trojan is implanted, it may carry out its intended function. There is no such thing as a Trojan or Trojan horse virus, yet ... Read More

Vulnerability in Security: A Complete Overview

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:13:40
To advance in their jobs, today's IT professionals need to know the basics of cybersecurity. By 2027, the estimated value of the cybersecurity industry worldwide will be $281.74 billion. That's why it's crucial to be aware of and prepared for potential internal and external cyberattacks, regardless of whether your area of expertise is in networks, hardware, or software. What follows is a synopsis of security flaws and what knowledge IT specialists need to keep one step ahead. Vulnerabilities in Information Security If hackers find a security flaw in your system, they can use it to break in and steal sensitive ... Read More

Best Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Books

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 11:09:41
Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry in today's world. As a result, many new avenues are opening for prospective employees in cybersecurity. A few books will prove helpful in your pursuit of cybersecurity knowledge. This post will guide you through the top cybersecurity and ethical hacking books. In these books, you can find new ideas and answers to your cybersecurity questions. What Is Cybersecurity? Let's review the basics of cybersecurity before we get into the top recommendations for this topic. Cybersecurity is defending computer systems, networks, and the data stored within them from intrusion and digital attacks. Cyberattacks are what ... Read More

Explain Data Loss Prevention and How Does it Work?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 10:58:32
DLP can be defined as technologies that perform content inspection and contextual analysis of data while it is in transit over the network. It is used on a managed endpoint device while stored in on-premises file servers or rested on them. These solutions act in reaction to stated policies and procedures, mitigating the potential for sensitive information to be leaked or exposed outside of approved channels. Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP are the two leading families of DLP tools. How it Works? To fully grasp any DLP solution, it is crucial to understand the distinction between content awareness and contextual ... Read More
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