Windows Server 2012 - Sharing of Files

Another important service for Windows Server is Sharing Files and for this purpose the Windows Server 2012 has – File and Storage Services, which is found in Server Manager on the left pane as shown in the screenshot given below.

All Servers

Now let us see how to create a Share in the system with its respective rights. To do this, we should follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Click Server Manager → then click on File and Storage Services in the Server Manager sidebar → click on Shares → click on the Shares drop-down list → click on New Share.

Click on Shares

Step 2 − This will open the New Share Wizard → From here, select a type of share → I will create a very basic SMB share, so click on SMB Share – Quick. We can later configure the user rights of this share.

SMB Share

Step 3 − Click “Type a custom path” → click on Browse button.

Custom Path

Step 4 − Select the folder that you want to share → Click Select Folder.

Select Folder

Step 5 − Click Next.

Share Name

Step 6 − You can choose one of the three options as per your need. The explanations are also mentioned alongside the check boxes, once selected → Next.

Other Settings

Step 7 − Click on Customize Permissions to authorize the rights that your users need to have.

Customize Permissions

Step 8 − Click on Add if you would like to add other users.


Step 9 − Click on Select a principal.

Select Principal

Step 10 − We should give rights that can be done by entering the object name, which is Backup Operator in this case and then → OK.

Backup Operator

Step 11 − To this user we will give Read\Write rights, for that we will check the respective boxes and then → OK → OK → Next.

Respective Boxes

Step 12 − Click on Create.

Click on Create
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