Windows Server 2012 - File Manager

Like its previous versions, the present Windows Server 2012 version has a File Server Resource Manager Role. As you know, this is a role that helps system administrators to manage shared folders in the features link in setting up limits or file extension restrictions. To install it, we should follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to Server Manager → Manage → Add Roles and Features → Next → Check on the Role-based or feature-based installation box → Check on the Select a server from the server pool box → Next.

Then, at the list of the roles find File and Storage Services and expand it. After this, expand the Files and iSCSI Services → Check on the File Server Resource Manager box and then a pop-up window will open.


Step 2 − Click on Add features and then → Next.

Click Add Features

Step 3 − Click the Next button.

Next Buttons

Step 4 − Click the Install button.

Install Button

Now that we installed the File Server Resource Manager, let us open it by following the path given below.

Step 1 − Click on Server Manager → Tools → File Server Resource Manager.

File Server Resource Manager

To set quota to a folder, we should follow the steps as below.

Step 2 − On the left panel click on Quota Management → expand Quota Templates → click on Create Quota Template… on the right-hand side panel as shown in the screenshot given below.

Quota Management

Step 3 − A new table will be opened, where the most important aspect to put is Space Limit depending on the need. Here, we will put 2GB and then → OK.

Space Limit

Step 4 − You must put the threshold for it and once the folder reaches the capacity, it will send you a notification where you will have an option to put the email.


Step 5 − Click Ok.


Step 6 − Then to attach this quota to a folder – Right Click on the template → click on Create Quota from Template…

Create Quota

Step 7 − Click on Browse… and then select your folder → Create.

Click On Browser

Step 8 − To put a file restriction to your folders, you can go to the left pane File Screening Management → File screening templates → Click on the left panel Create File Screen Template…

File Screening

Step 9 − Click on Browse… and find the folder that you want → Create.

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