Advanced Configuration

In this chapter, we will see how to create a virtual machine. Firstly, we should open the Hyper-V manager and then follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Open “Server Manager” → and then Click on “Hyper-V”.

Click Hyper-V

Step 2 − Click “New” on the Right side Panel or click on Action button in the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Action button

Step 3 − Double Click on the Virtual Machine option as shown in the following screenshot.

Virtual Machine Option

Step 4 − A new table will be open → Type the Name of your new machine and then click Next.

New Table

Step 5 − A new table will be open where you must allocate the memory. Keep in mind that you cannot choose more memory than what you have in your system.

Allocate the Memory

Step 6 − In the Connection dropdown box, choose you physical network adaptor and click Next.


Step 7 − Now it is time to Create a Virtual Hard disk. If you already have one, choose the second option.

Connect Virtual Hard Disk

Step 8 − Select the Image of ISO that should be installed and then click Finish.

Image of ISO

Completing the New Wizard

Step 9 − Connect to the Virtual machine. To do so, Right Click on the machine name and then → Connect.


Step 10 − After that, the Installation of your ISO will continue.

ISO Installation
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