Windows Server 2012 - Hyper-V

Virtualization is one of the most important technology feature and Microsoft has invested on this and the responsible role is called as Hyper-V.

Let us now see how to install the Hyper-V Role, for doing this we should follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − To Install DNS role go to “Server Manager” → Manage → Add Roles and Features.


Step 2 − Click Next.

Before you Begin

Step 3 − Select the Role-based or feature-based installation option → click Next.

Installation Type

Step 4 − I will install a Local Hyper-V role as it will Select a server from the server pool → Next.

Server Select

Step 5 − From the Roles lists, check the Hyper-V Server role → click Add Features on the popup windows which show up and then → Next.

Hyper-V Server Role

Step 6 − Click Next.


Step 7 − Choose your server’s physical network adapters that will take part in the virtualization → Next.

Virtual Switches

Step 8 − Under Migration, leave the default settings → Next.


Step 9 − Choose the path where to save the file.

Default Stores

Step 10 − Click Install and wait for the installation bar to finish.

Confirmation Install
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