Check Simplification List

To check the simplification list, login to SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management backend system. Run an obsolete transaction - MB1C.

You can see a message that this transaction is obsolete and see SAP Note #.

Cancel Message

Try to run transaction MK03 – and this will display the supplier (Current). Enter the vendor and purchasing organization for all data.

Purchasing Organization

You will be redirected to transaction BP, as transaction MK03 is obsolete.

Let us see how to check the mandatory production versions in the material master of your material. Navigate to SAP Menu → Logistics → Production → Master Data → Material Master → Material → MM03 Display Current.


In the next window, you have to select Material and click the Select view.

Select View

When you click Select Views, you can select MRP4 view. In the next window, enter the Plant and click the Continue button.

Select MRP

Select Plant

In the Display Material window, press the icon ProdVersions and double-click production version 0001. Find your group and group counter for routing in the area of Planning Data.

Production Version

Note − ProdVersions are not required with external procurement.

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